Yuliya Gomolova

The Snow Queen

Career: Soldier

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Andrew Colt
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Eckhart Drescher, Jordán Fiero, Duradj Novak, Tsetsilya Romanova, Austėja Simoneit, and three others.

Loyalties: The U.S.S.R. (5), the Communist Party (3)
Passions: Self-Sacrifice (4)

Power Suite

Extra Tough 2hd (20 points)

This is just as described in Wild Talents, she gets an extra two wound boxes in each hit location.

Useful: Engulf +2, Permanent +4, Self Only –3. Capacity: Self

Heavy Armor 5hd (50 points)

Just like in Wild Talents, Yuliya is able to remove successes from attacks made against her. This come from a tough ice-shell she forms over her skin which means it’s vulnerable to Penetration. She also has to turn it on.

Defends: Armored Defense –2, Duration +2, Interference +3. Capacity: Self.

Light Armor 3hd (24 points)

This one’s just in case Yuliya gets attacked when she isn’t expecting it, or in case anything gets through her Heavy Armor. Between this and her Extra Tough ability, Yuliya can still take a hit and keep coming, though they are tied together so if someone nullifies Extra Tough they both shut down.

Defends: Attached (Extra Tough) -1, Endless +3. Capacity: Self.

Flight 10d (50 points)

Yuliya can fly at an impressive 1,280 mph. More than that, she can use this to add dice to her attack pools and pack a powerful punch behind her fist when she gathers up speed. Of course, with Full Power Only she can’t go easy on anyone. Good thing that’s not really her nature.

Attacks: Augment +4, Obvious -1, If/Then (Only attacks with Augment) -1, Touch Only -2, Full Power Only -1. Capacity: Touch
Defends. Capacity: Self
Useful. Capacity: Speed

The Russian Winter 5d + 5wd (225 points)

With her signature power, Yuliya can freeze things solid. She can bring down the temperature around her, which means it’s harder for her to freeze things in extremely hot conditions. But let’s be frank: with a ten-dice pool and five Wiggle Dice “harder” is a relative term. When affecting inanimate objects she can freeze up to 128 tons of material and she can also lower the temperature in a mile radius. Yuliya’s cold attack requires more concentration but she’s likely to gain multiple sets with her impressive pool meaning that she can probably manage multiple attacks if she wants.

Attacks: Power Capacity (Range) +2. Capacities: Mass and Range
Useful: Power Capacity (Range) +2, Booster (Mass) +1. Capacities: Mass and Range

Hypercommand 2d (8 points)

Yuliya is a tough customer and her icy abilities have given her the ability to strike fear in the hearts of those around her.

Hyperstat +4.

Hyperendurance 2d (2 points)

The toughening of her body by the ice in her veins means that Yuliya is able to suffer through an impressive amount of strain.

Hyperskill +1.

Hyperintimidation 3d (3 points)

As if the Hypercommand isn’t enough. There aren’t very many people who can stand up to Yuliya’s wrath.

Hyperskill +1.

Base Will +6 (18 points)

Yuliya has a lot of determination from her abilities.

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