Queen of the Dead

In the standard timeline of Progenitor, Amanda Sykes (calling herself Åmanda after declaring herself a goddess the year before) marches on San Francisco in response to riots against metahumans. She stands hundreds of feet tall and delivers a rambling speech where she dictates actions that San Francisco's government must take to protect the empowered within the city. Abe and Amy Sykes attempt to reason with her but it takes a massive force of metahumans led by Jason Weeks to restrain her. The ensuing twenty-minute fight leads to the death of many prominent metahumans until Paige Rampling is able to deliver a psychic attack that puts Åmanda into a coma.

Åites across the world riot and despair as Åmanda disappears from view and dark energy powers begin to fail periodically. People are scared and unrest sweeps across the globe, prompting many to think of the Metapocalypse less than a decade past. In the standard setting Abe Sykes eventually gains access to Åmanda and uses his restorative powers to "reset" her to an earlier, stabler time in her life. She returns to her position as conscientious protector of the world and drops the goddess identity for something more down-to-eart.

But what if she didn't? Abe only is able to find Åmanda by working with the Children of Å which he was reluctant to do. He might have refused altogether and failed to find her first. Åmanda had claimed leadership of the Åite Church following the assassination of Å by Muslim metahumans in 1995. With her comatose, leadership of the church would fall to the Council of Wisdom who have access to even more metahumans than the New ID/EA. They might not have as many powerful individuals but they have the numbers to break the government's silence about Åmanda's location.

On top of that, the battle at the Golden Gate Bridge led to the deaths of some very high-Tier metahumans: Jason Weeks, LeRoi Mathers, Andrew Colt, and possibly the Dream are all killed trying to stop Åmanda. For weeks prior, Åmanda had been announcing her intention to come to San Francisco and address the riots and many Åites came to see her. In this alternate setting Njabulo Malema, the Seeker of the Dead, was one of those pilgrims and he was on the Bridge when it came down. Through the help of followers he was able to find the bodies of the fallen metahumans and extract the Ĕ in their bodies before it was lost to the world. When the Council was finally able to locate Åmanda they sent a healer to help her but when they discovered her ailments were in mind not body Malema channeled a significant amount of Ĕ into Åmanda's body to "jump start" it.

It worked far better than expected, and also far worse.

Åmanda was now filled with dark energy and more powerful than ever. She was also just as unstable without Abe's restoration and the near-death experience pushed her over an edge. Åmanda launches a campaign to claim dominion over any part of the world that she considers a danger to others and her armies, backed by her own powerful abilities, are nearly unstoppable. Dark energy powers are stable again but Åmanda has survived the most powerful attack on her person that the metahuman community could muster and come out ahead. Now its up to powerful organizations like the Council of Wisdom and the GPhA to counter Åmanda's land grab, even as they are wracked from within by schisms and power grabs that resulted from the "power outage" during Åmanda's coma.

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