Veronica O'Malley

The De-Oxygenator

Want to make sure the next generation of troublemakers really feels it? Beat the hell out of the current generation in front of their kids. Those cops didn’t need to kick Veronica’s pappy so hard, in such a tender spot, so many times. He threw up and there was blood in it and, sure, he’d been fighting against them, he’d resisted putting the cuffs on again, but still. There were three of them with truncheons. They didn’t need to do what they did.

It was Veronica’s brothers who got drunk and sprayed slogans on walls and gave false tips to the police and beat up Protestants now and then, but it was Veronica who caught the power.

She was coming home from an early morning mass, where she’d been praying for peace and trying to find a way to forgive those awful Britons. She was walking home from the bus stop in early light, there were people all around, when suddenly she froze. So did everyone else. Everything was moving at glacial speed, and trying to take a step was like pushing through heavy clay. It took her a full five seconds, by her count, to blink. But the hands that came around from behind her, sliding up her ribs and groping her chest, they moved with no problem at all. The man behind her ripped her clothes as if she was a mannequin. “G’day love,” he said in that voice Americans use when they think they’re speaking with an Irish accent. “You and me, see, we’re going to have a little fun here right in the street. Don’t worry about modesty though—we’re out of time, they’ll only see a blur. But I wanted you to be able to enjoy the whole experience.”

He gave her Selarosis Maxilliae and she never even saw his face, just the back of his head for a moment as he strolled away, and then a blurry wisp as time snapped back to normal and she crumpled to the sidewalk screaming.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Baines Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover - Tyler Ford - James Blaine - Jean Davis - David Cowles - Evan Broward
Power Level: Tier Nine
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: Haunted. She is by nature a forgiving person, a middle child who wants to make peace with everyone, but she has been pushed way too far. If her brittle feelings are pressed too fast or too hard, she strikes to kill and feels bad about it later.

Values: Ireland, Catholicism, Action Instead of Indecision

Known Power

  • Veronica has the ability to Alter Oxygen and change it into a noble gas. This has the possibility of suffocating people and halting chemical reactions. It can also reverse reactions to create combustible oxygen from oxidized compounds.
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