Tyler T. Ford


J. Edgar Hoover, whatever his other flaws, was a dedicated lawman who did what he could to put the worst of humankind behind bars. It was that impulse that led him to apply his dangerous powers to people on the Most Wanted list, thereby turning several of them into far greater threats than they were before.

Tyler T. Ford was sometimes called “Model T” by his friends before they disavowed him for (among other things) rape, murdering his grandmother and getting into a shootout with the cops. On the run in 1969, he seemed an excellent candidate for Hoover to find via duplication.

What Hoover experienced as Tyler Ford, he never shared with anyone, not even his close confidante Clyde Tolson. All Tolson knew was that Hoover had said he was going to “make a special investigation,” (their catchphrase for Hoover’s strange new ability). Hoover closed the door to his office, and then there were horrible sounds from within. Tolson rushed in and grappled with someone who was apparently Ford. Tolson was badly bruised before the figure before him began to shrink back into the familiar form of the Director. Hoover spent the next twenty minutes sweaty, shaking and vomiting.

Ford’s just that kind of guy. Less smart than cunning, his gift of power manifested as protection from detection, and a brand new way to violate people.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Baines Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover
Power Level: Tier Four
Offspring: Chandra Desani, James Blaine, Brent Coleman, and four others

Personality: An absolutely remorseless sadist. He values nothing so much as power over others, and given the choice between inflicting emotional or physical harm, his response is always, “Don’t make me choose!” Well suited to isolation, Tyler derives all the company he needs or wants from the victims whose memories he devours like candy as their bodies burst in a shower of gore.

Values: His Personal Freedom, Intimate Ruination

Known Powers

  • Tyler has Invisibility and Without a Trace which allow him to steal up on his victims and leave no indication that he's ever been there.
  • His main ability is Violate which allows him to utterly destroy someone while stealing their memories.
  • While these abilities are definitely enough, Tyler also has Hyperdodge to help him in a fight.
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