Tuyet Thi Dang

Pronunciation: TooYET Tee Dahn

Soothing Presence

In the Vietnams of the late 1960s, there’s plenty of injury, disease and disaster. A genius like Nguyet Cam, looking for someone longing to make things better, is spoiled for choice. So to fill out the Progress Cadre’s roster with a healer and repair power, she looks specifically for someone who’s easily persuaded, shy, deferential, cautious, and shows initiative only to the extent of trying to foresee the needs of her superiors. Tuyet Thi Dang, a sweet nurse in her sixties with her first grandchild on the way, fits superbly. Until her untimely death in 1984 (assassinated while attempting to treat the victims of biological warfare), she’s a quiet but steady force of stability in the Progressive Harmony nations. Her killer is found to be under the influence of a ‘murder syntergene’ and is therefore not held fully accountable for his actions.

Tuyet Thi has the powers of a Tier Three healer from Progenitor.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Nguyet Cam
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Unknown

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