Tina Shaw

Healer and Fount of Monsters

She was twelve. Her cold turned into pneumonia which turned into pleurisy and her family had no money for medicine so by the time she got to the hospital it was touch and go. Except that this stranger in blue jeans and flannel heard her coughing and came into her room. “Poor girl,” he said. “You’re really suffering, huh?” But she couldn’t answer until he glanced at the door, then quietly stepped over to her and stroked her hair. “Feel better,” he said, and she did.

When her little brother got sick that winter, Tina patted his head and said, “Feel better,” and he did, but what came out of him was horrible, and that was the real beginning of the story. Its title could be “Tina and the Shaw Monsters.”

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abraham Sykes
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: Before getting sick, Tina was a cheerful, extremely energetic young tomboy. But when she found out she could cure any disease—any disease—and what it would cost, she became very serious very quickly.

Values: Her Family, Shavians, Helping the Ill

Known Powers

  • Tina has the ability to Expel Foulness and heal anyone, but in doing so each time she will Create a Horrible Homunculus.
  • These Shavians are Extra Tough and have Hyperbody, Hypercoordination, Hypersense, Hypermind, and Stat Boosts unique to each one. They also have a Random Power and Body Armor
  • Though she hates it, Tina also has the ability to Destroy Homunculus if a Shavian gets out of hand.
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