Tilda Gräss

The Pod-Personator

Ugh, so much molestation. Really, just take the sickest thing you can stand to imagine happening to a child, and that was Tilda’s life until the age of seven. She hated it, but it was her normal.

Then a Tier Nine psychic touched her mind. Astrid Petronov was a minor mind reader, keeping her power secret and making a quiet fortune, but once she’d scanned Tilda and flinched away, what she’d seen—what she’d been—wouldn’t let go. It was like a sore tooth that the tongue keeps touching, Astrid went back to Tilda and then Tilda’s parents and Astrid learned all she needed to get into their pleasant home in Bonn and kill the sleeping monsters with a hammer. Even though the husband was much bigger, she hit the wife first. She knew that waking confused and seeing his wife hurt would blind Tilda’s father with grief, and then he’d be easy to strike. It took one swing for the mom, three for the dad. Astrid washed off the hammer and dropped it at a construction site, she took off the poncho she’d worn and burned it, and then she called an off-duty police officer at home said two people had been murdered. She gave the address and waited until the cops arrived, she made sure the little girl Tilda was rescued.

That’s when it all went wrong. Tilda didn’t want them to touch her, and when one social worker went in alone to gently but firmly pick her up, Tilda’s power kicked in.

What the German police saw was the social worker emerge, looking stunned and confused. Inside the room, the little girl had changed, she looked like a mannequin—even, forgettable features, plain bowl-cut hair, and blank gray eyes. Realizing that the child was metahuman they called in every superhero they could think of.

The mannequin girl became a media sensation—she could speak and read, she retained skills, but she could recall no events in her life. The social worker was very vague about what had happened, and one day she just didn’t show up to work. That was the day the mannequin girl turned into the social worker and another mannequin, this one male, was found in Berlin.

What was really happening was that Tilda’s power was harnessing her overwhelming desire to be a different person and to have her horrible past belong to someone else. As the social worker, she knew she was a fraud and felt guilty about the life she’d stolen, and the boy was just confusing and sad. But Tilda won’t stop until she finds the perfect life to steal, the perfect person to be.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Amy Sykes - Cole Laskin - E.J. Houghton - Sydney Ford - Moon Dawson - Phyllis Frye - Egon Rust - Astrid Petronov
Power Level: Tier Ten
Offspring: None

Personality: No.

Values: Principle of Personal Freedom, Escaping Confinement and Danger

Known Powers

  • Tilda has the ability to Turn Person Into a Living Mannequin, transforming the target into a vague humanoid form the same size that she was before she got her powers. This lasts only as long as she maintains the powers.
  • On those she transforms, Tilda also Inflicts Amnesia so that they don't remember who she is.
  • When someone has been given amnesia by Tilda, she can Copy Skill Pools, Steal Memories, and Duplicate Physical Appearance to replace the person and escape her own life.
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