The Identity Wash

The focused syntergene used by Nguyet Cam when she captured Abe Sykes in 1970. The overwhelmingly-loud, sound-based thought-form which she exposed to Sykes in a confined room for 25 hours. After this period, Abe Sykes had lost his memories and was completely malleable to Nguyet's powers of persuasion.

He might have been lost completely if not for a plan launched five months later under the direction of Jason Weeks. The Answer Man convinces Amanda Sykes to attack Hanoi, then uses this attack as a distraction for Lin Wen, Boris Mizurski, Barbara French, and LeRoi Mathers to rescuse Abe Sykes. Afterwards, Weeks and the Dream deprogram Abe and restore him to his old self, bringing him to Amanda so that they can reunite.

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