The Druzhba Narodov

The Druzhba Narodov (Fraternity of People), often just called the Druzhba, is a group of Soviet metahumans purposefully created by Yuliya Gomolova and Aleksei Matveev in The Breaking Point mini-setting. The individuals chosen to receive dark energy were chosen by the USSR elite to represent the whole of the Soviet Union, though they quickly found out that the equilibrium limit on sharing powers makes the scope somewhat more limited. However, even the first wave of Druzhba agents represents a healthy cross-section of the USSR and they can go a long way toward promoting the goals of the Communist Party, just as the Progress Cadre does with Progressive Harmony and the Council of Wisdom with Åism.

The members of the Druzhba Narodov are:

  • Zhansaya Bekmambetov, a Kazakh man with the ability to warp and contort his body in incredible ways.
  • Sardar Berdyev, a Turkmeni man able to summon a whirlwind of animated ribbon-blades.
  • Eckhart Dreschner, the last of the Druzhba, an East Berliner with object reading.
  • Olek Kohut, a Ukranian man with the ability to transform objects into metal and control magnetism.
  • Rusudani Melua, a Georgian woman with the ability to absorb and utilize radioactivity.
  • Djuradj Novak, a Yugoslavian Serbian man with the ability to transform into an armored metallic powerhouse.
  • Tsetsilya Romanova, a Russian man with the ability to gain the properties of substances he touches.
  • Austėja Simoneit, a Lithuanian woman able to create portals between distant places.
  • Branislaw Skaryna, a Byelorussian artist who can create objects from pictures he draws.

While this group is part of the alternate timeline of The Breaking Point, it can be adapted for use in the standard timeline as well to provide high-powered Russian opponents.

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