Thabo "Garfield" Moloi

Pronunciation: TAHbo MoeLOY

Master of Life

Thabo sold vegetables and fruit and got through his life by being utterly forgettable. He never stood up to be counted and no one thought to ask him about politics. They just asked him how fresh the gem squash was. But Å saw something different in Thabo, and though the fervent ANC revolutionaries were suspicious of “Garfield” at first, those who came to believe in the Doctrine of Solar Destiny quickly realize how essential he is to their ambitions.

The first demonstration of Thabo’s power was transforming the rats of his native Carletonville into rat-like creatures that aren’t aggressive towards human beings and which exude a disinfectant musk that smells pleasantly of the flowering shrub Coleonema pulchrum. He then modified the common invasive arboreal pest Bugweed into a slower-spreading, slower-growing edible version later nicknamed “Breadweed” which, as a bonus, releases a false pollen that, when it gets on Bugweed, tricks the Bugweed into creating sterile seeds. But those creations are soon overshadowed by his medicines and his crafting of animals and plants for a wholly self-sufficient world-ship—the Årk.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Baines Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover - Howard March - Winston Koetke
Power Level: Tier Six
*Offspring:** Unknown

Known Powers

  • Thabo has the ability of Biogeteering which acts much like Gadgeteering but with living species.
  • He also has Hyperfirst Aid and Hypermedicine as well as an inherent Knowledge of Life Sciences and Knowledge of Macrobiology/Climatology.
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