Terrence O'Shay


Even murdering terrorists have to take a night off and have some fun. Though perhaps it’s unfair to suggest that a Sinn Féin supporter who’d never done more than shake a fist at the Union Jack was a terrorist when he began an evening of revelry in January, 1972. He went to a bar where a guitarist named Deionne Bright was mesmerizing the crowd and, in addition to being deeply and decisively entertained, he caught super from the future rock star.

Terrence O’Shay was not that rock fan. That rock fan, when he realized he had become a metahuman, carefully conserved his power until he could get to Ireland and give it to members of the Irish Republican Army. Terrence was one of those members.

Terrence is not your stereotypical hot-tempered Irishman, and he doesn’t drink, either. He’s an intense, tightly-wound bundle of anger, but he conceals it behind a quiet, genial exterior. The IRA only realized what kind of man he was when, after some of their boys had jumped an off duty Bobby and beaten him senseless, Terrence came along and set the bloke on fire. “It’ll do to send a message,” he said mildly as the body fat caught and crackled.

The Oxygen Bomber

Terry the bomber and arsonist got just what he wanted from dark energy and became Terry the one man firestorm. By and large, he used his powers subtly (or as subtly as they can be used) because he was more valuable to the IRA as a living threat than he would be if he drew the concentrated attention of (say) Andrew Colt or the Sykes family.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abraham Sykes - Deionne Bright - Michael Sepponen
Power Level: Tier Five
Offspring: Zelda Estillõn, Marcus Collins, and four others

Personality: On the surface, a cheerfully tolerant and laid-back construction foreman. Underneath, an icy sociopath whose chief joy is watching things burn.

Values: Ireland, Arson With Fatalities

Known Powers

  • Terrence has the ability to Transform Matter Into Oxygen which allows him to supercool things or to create a cloud of flammable gas.
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