Sipho Masango

Pronunciation: SEEfo MahSANgo

Mover of the World

Sipho was a laborer, a loader of trucks and carrier of burdens, until the day he caught a bullet during a gunfight between the South African police and the ANC’s militant wing. He’s not sure which side fired on him, but he is sure which side has his loyalty. But his injury was incompetently treated and complications from the gunshot kept him from working and forced him into begging. Fortunately for everyone involved, Å helped Sipho resolve his resentments and bitterness before empowering him, and with the energy of Ĕ coursing through him, Sipho chose to help his friends rather than destroy his enemies.

His medical problems persist until a day when he levitates a crowd of a thousand cheering Åites, intending to pass his powers on. He not only succeeds, he creates a healer who, eventually, becomes his wife.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Baines Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover - Howard March - Winston Koetke
Power Level: Tier Six
Offspring: His wife (a healer) and four others

Known Powers

  • Sipho's single power is Supermassive TK which lets him lift amazing amounts of material over incredible distance.
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