Aleksandr "Shura" Sokoloff

The Unstoppable Man

Career: Soldier

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Andrew Colt
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Closed Vector

Loyalties: The U.S.S.R. (4), The Communist Party (3)
Passions: Achieving Victory (2), Good Living (1).

Power Suite

Can’t Stop Me 9d (298 points)

Shura has the ability to get a lot done in a round and also to do it well before anyone else. This power doesn’t get rolled on its own but its dice can boost it up to 10d and the Extras can be added to other actions of fewer than 10d to make them six steps wider. If an action’s pool is already at 10d then only the Extras apply.

Attacks (+2): Augments (+4), Go First x6 (+6), If/Then (Augment only) (-1), Touch Only (-2). Capacity: Touch.
Defends (+2): Augments (+4), Go First x6 (+6), If/Then (Augment only) (-1). Capacity: Self.
Useful (+2): Augments (+4), Go First x6 (+6), If/Then (Augment only) (-1), Self Only (-3). Capacity: Self.

Multiple Actions 10HD (40 points)

This is just as in Wild Talents, adding the pool’s width as bonus dice to whatever actions are needed. He can also apply this to single actions if he’s not doing multiple things. Because this pool is all Hard Dice, of course, that means he gets crazy amounts of dice every round. Outside of combat, task times are reduced by a factor of ten.

Useful (more actions): Duration +2, Self Only –3. Capacity: Self.
Useful (noncombat): Duration +2, Self Only –3. Capacity: Self.

Light Armor 4hd (6 points)

This is just as in Wild Talents, adding 4 LAR automatically (thanks to the Hard Dice). This means that the first four Killing from an attack are atually Shock and that all the normal Shock is reduced to one.

Defends: Armored Defense –2, Endless +3. Capacity: Self.

Hyperbody 1d + 2wd (20 points)

Some nice solid superstrength that allows Shura to lift a whopping 800 lbs, sprint at 20 mph (but see below), and jump gaps of 6 yards. It also gives him some boosts to his impressive Hyperskills below.

Hyperstat +4.

Hyperrunning 2hd (16 points)

With this Hyperskill, Shura is able to boost his speed to 120 mph. Suddenly Lin Wen doesn’t look so flashy…

Hyperskill +1, Booster (Speed) x2 +2, No Physics +1

Hyperbrawling 2hd (4 points)

Shura’s Hyperbody is still 5d so he only does Shocking damage, but the man sure can punch.

Hyperskill +1.

Hyperathletics 2hd (4 points)

Though Shura can only really run up to a half mile before getting exhausted, this hyperskill allows him to make the Athletics checks he’d need to keep going.

Hyperskill +1.

Base Will +6 (18 points)

He’s pretty determined to fulfill his mission.

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