Sascha Michnik


Sascha got superpowers from his beloved wife. Unfortunately, her own were insufficient to save her. She caught them from a supervillain, who caught them from a supercop, who caught them from Zipperneck himself — an impressive pedigree, given how few survive direct experience of Zipperneck’s power. It is, however, one of which Sascha is entirely ignorant.

Sascha worked as a gardener and his wife had a job in a laundry. They were poor but content until a fugitive covered with soldier blood demanded sanctuary and, when he felt Mrs. Michnik was dragging her feet, he zapped her with a bolt of lightning. She survived that attack, and the two attended their unwilling guest’s every whim until the army found him two days later. Mrs. Michnik died in the shelling, as did her power ancestor, and Sascha found that he’d survived an artillery barrage by hiding behind a piece of corrugated tin.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Amy Sykes - Alphonse Russo - Hal Bryson - Tito Syzgsy - Nanette Michnik
Power Level: Tier Seven
Offspring: Closed Vector

Personality: Glum, simple and a more than a little bitter. He’s gotten something that thousands would kill for, and it’s something he doesn’t want. He paid for it with someone no one else really cared about, and she was the love of his life.

Values: His Wife’s Memory, Architecture

Known Powers

  • Sascha has the ability to affect inanimate objects to make them stronger. He can Reinforce Flimsy Stuff like glass or plywood and Strengthen Durable Stuff like concrete.
  • He also can Fortify the Inanimate to make it last a little longer.
  • Given his command over structure, Sascha also has Hyperarchitecture.
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