Rusudani Melua

Career: Laborer

Rusudani is a young Georgian woman with the sort of rustic, country look that is photogenic rather than comic. She grew up in the farmlands of the southern republic and joined the Communist Party as a teenager, participating in marches and rallies with gusto. As a young, pretty woman who was also ethnically Georgian it was only a matter of time before she became a photo opportunity. Luckily for her, that photo opportunity turned into something a whole lot more…

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - [[[Andrew Colt]] - Aleksei Matveev
Power Level: Tier Four
Offspring: None… yet.

Personality: On first meeting Rusudani, she seems like the classic Georgian farm girl: all smiles and party slogans and love for her family. With dark energy, though, a deeper ambition has surfaced in Rusudani. She sees this as her ticket upwards and she wants to take it. She is content to work as a political champion for Georgia but she wants to live the good life in the city and preferably Moscow at that.

Loyalties: The Communist Party (2), The Republic of Georgia (1)

Power Suite

Swallow Radioactivity 5d + 5wd (125 points)

Rusudani has the ability to ingest and contain radioactivity. She can do so without harming herself and while it is inside of her the radiation doesn't seem to ever escape or hurt other people (though there are plenty who avoid contact with Rusudani out of fear). The Party Champion can ingest alpha and beta radiation as well as any electromagnetic radiation as long as it comes from nuclear fission. Electromagnetic radiation from the Sun, ionization, or other sources can't be ingested.
Useful: Booster (Mass) +2, If/Then (only decrease radioactivity) -1, Power Capacity (Mass) +2. Capacities: Range and Mass.

Radioactive Battery 10hd (20 points)

This works just like Willpower Battery except that the points stored here aren’t actually Willpower but a sort of pseudo-Willpower that Rusudani gets from draining radioactive sources. Every time she uses Swallow Radioactivity, Rusudani can get pseudo-Willpower equal to her width in that roll. These pseudo-Willpower points can only be used to add to her Power of the Atom ability below.

Useful: Endless +3, If/Then (only for Power of the Atom) -1, Self Only -3

Power of the Atom 10d (150 points)

After using Swallow Radioactivity, Rusudani can use up to the width of that power’s roll to augment any attack, defense, or useful action she makes. She’s limited to the width of the Swallow Radioactivity roll but she can also use the pseudo-Willpower points stored in Radioactive Battery.

Attacks Quality x2: Attached (Swallow Radioactivity) -2, Augment +4, If/Then (must announce during declare phase) -1. Capacities: N/A
Defends Quality x2: Attached (Swallow Radioactivity) -2, Augment +4, If/Then (must announce during declare phase) -1. Capacities: N/A
Useful Quality x2: Attached (Swallow Radioactivity) -2, Augment +4, If/Then (must announce during declare phase) -1. Capacities: N/A

Perceive Radioactivity 4hd (32 points)

Rusudani is able to see and feel radioactivity out to an impressive range.

Useful: Booster +2. Capacity: Range.

Immunity to Radioactivity 3hd (18 points)

Rusudani is immune to all harmful radiation, whether natural or superhuman.

Useful: Permanent +4, Self Only -3. Capacity: Self.

Knowledge (Radioactivity) 5d (5 points)

This is a specialized Mind skill that Rusudani can use in place of Physics, Medicine, Tactics, etc where radiation is concerned.

Hyperskill +1

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