Robert F. Kennedy

Though a real-life figure, very little is known about Robert Francis Kennedy in the world of Progenitor. He is granted powers by Lyndon Baines Johnson which are described as "Hypercommand and a form of free-roaming clairvoyant 'answers' power similar to that of Jason Weeks." RFK is notably absent from most of the timeline, though, and his actions and exact powers are left up to the GM.

His absence is particularly noted when discussing the Y2K campaign options and at least one GM has speculated that his "clairvoyant" powers might actually be time travel.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Baines Johnson
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Unknown

The Breaking Point

In the Breaking Point mini-setting, Robert Kennedy has a somewhat different powerset: instead of being literally clairvoyant he has the ability to see clearly despite the mental effects of others. In this timeline, he is the third node of metahuman politics falling between President Johnson and Senator George McGovern. He pushes for metahumans to remain private citizens and not the purview of the government, pursuing civil rights legislation to curtail both the blowback from the public and the covertness of the government. While his abilities help him to avoid the forces pulling at American politicians, they also prove a political liability when they are eventually exposed. The statblock below can be used for the mini-setting.

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