Refiliwe "Rafael" Kenana

Pronunciation: REEahFilihweh KenNAHnuh

Liberator of Ĕ

Artist (of modest talent) by inclination, and farmer by necessity, Refiliwe was always torn between his desire to take power away from tyrants and his hopeful belief that people were basically good and would use power wisely if given it. Shy by nature, Refiliwe (or “Rafael,” as he’s known to his English speaking friends) is passionately optimistic about Å, especially in the early days when the movement tries to work nonviolently. Unfortunately, his powers push him into conflict with a lot of his fellow metahumans. But under that blushing, smiling façade there is great strength.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Baines Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover - Howard March - Winston Koetke
Power Level: Tier Six
Offspring: Unknown

Known Powers

  • Refiliwe can use Power Reset to remove closed vectors and replace a power with one that can spread Dark Energy.
  • He can also Perceive Ĕ, better known as Dark Energy, to detect metahumans, objects, or creatures within range.
  • Refiliwe can also "Intĕrfĕrĕ" with other Dark Energy powers to stop them from affecting others.
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