Paige Rampling


As far as victims of Jarvis West go, Paige Rampling got off fairly easy. He didn’t rape her and make her act like she liked it, the way he did with more women than anyone’s comfortable counting. He didn’t make her put a gun to her partner’s head and pull the trigger, like that cop in Boston, or the one in Philadelphia, or those two soldiers in Mexico. All he did was grin at her, say “I’ll take all the money in y’drawer, there,” and ravage her body with unspeakable pain. When she recovered herself, he was cleaning out every cashier in her bank. He’d gotten impatient by then, so he gestured and, like a puppet, she jerked to her feet and opened the drawer and handed over all the money with a smile.

He made her smile.

When the manager chewed them all out for not resisting, Paige was the only one who tried to argue, and so he singled her out for particular abuse. Paige started for the door, not saying a word as he screamed, “You keep walking and you’re out a job, missy!”

She could feel that something was building up, and if she didn’t get away, it was going into him. So instead she walked right off the job, went behind the bank, and discharged it into a garbage dumpster. It crumpled like cardboard.

Two nights later, she gave an interview on ABC. The reporter came out to her uncle’s farm and interviewed her outside by a stand of sumac trees. He tried to ask questions about how it felt to be a victim, but Paige just said, “No no. Just film this.” Then she blasted through the trunk of a fallen sumac two feet thick.

Turning to the camera she said, “If you have been victimized by Jarvis West, contact me. I’m going to find him.”

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abraham Sykes - Jarvis West
Power Level: Tier Four
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: She’s a stable, phlegmatic, no-nonsense person. Just the kind you’d want managing your retirement fund. But instead, she winds up trying to balance the scales between dark energy villains and their victims.

Values: Justice, Revenge

Known Powers

  • Paige's energy powers allow her to use Massive Energy Blast for huge effects and Precise Energy Blast for more focused attacks.
  • She also can use an Energy Shield for defense.
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