Padraig Mctavish

The Boiler

Padraig grew up hearing his father (whom he idolized) perpetually grousing about the government, the taxes, the unfairness of it all. In Padraig’s mind, that was simply the definition of adult masculinity—a stout opposition to the government. It didn’t hurt that they were growing up Catholic in Belfast.

Padraig wasn’t one of the chosen IRA stalwarts who was exposed to dark energy deliberately. He caught it randomly from a slow spreader during a street battle against the police. But once he realized what he could do, he dropped out of school to join Glóir.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abraham Sykes - Deionne Bright - Michael Sepponen - Terrence O’Shay - Marcus Collins - Gavin Burroughs
Power Level: Tier Eight
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: He has the intensity, conviction and utter unwillingness to compromise that is so often the purview of youth. He also has its traditional chip on his shoulder on the subject of his age. He has a romanticized, absolutist view of his side of the struggle, and only death or falling hard in love could turn him from his crusade of destruction.

Loyalties: Glóir, Revenge

Known Powers

  • Padraig has the ability to Change the Temperature at Which a Material Changes State which allows him to cause things to melt or boil, hence his moniker.
  • He also has an innate Knowledge of Physics.
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