Njabulo Malema

Pronunciation: NAboolow MOLLeemuh

Seeker of the Dead

Njabulo became a soldier to avenge his older brother, became close comrades with his fellows in the ANC militia and lost some of them. Then he became more determined, as he had fallen friends to avenge. His grim fierceness got more and more intense, leading him to greater risks and, inevitably, more lost buddies. Initially passionate and energetic, Njabulo became more silent, withdrawn and focused as the cycle repeated.

It was Å who derailed him from this tightening spiral. Instead of dealing death, Njabulo began dealing with it. Å gave him the power to harvest and redistribute residual dark energy from metahuman corpses, and with Refiliwe Kenana to find them for him, Njabulo soon internalizes enough Ĕ to rival the levels of the Progenitor herself. But unlike Amanda, who can sculpt her power as she wishes, Njabulo’s powers are exclusively generous. Thus, while he’s a quiet member of the Council of Wisdom, he’s one that all the others want as an ally.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Baines Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover - Howard March - Winston Koetke
Power Level: Tier Six
Offspring: Unknown

Known Powers

  • Njabulo has the ability to Drain Dead Metahumans of their Dark Energy and store it for later use.
  • He can use these "units of Ĕ" (the Åite term for Dark Energy) to Recharge Metahuman Willpower and Enhance Powers by adding Extras and Flaws.
  • Njabulo can also Amplify Powers which already exist and Create Marks with his stored Dark Energy.
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