Namerlie Sarpong

The child of Africa’s middle-class, Namerlie lived with her family in the city of Kumasi in Ghana. Working as a clerk in her father’s store, she nodded to a customer with a peculiar accent. That was all it took.

That very afternoon, a warm and lazy day, Namerlie found herself stultified at her job, while her father and mother both became more and more lively and absorbed in their tasks. Every client that day seemed to find any item considered diverting, to the point of fascination. But as soon as Namerlie noticed this pattern and became curious about it, it ceased. The frustration over this radiated satisfaction to everyone who entered, for Namerlie’s peculiar talent was to impose the opposite of her own feelings on those around her.

When she realized this, Namerlie felt outraged and betrayed by her own abilities. (This was, of course, radiated to others as contentment and gratitude.) She learned to focus her abilities, turning them off when happy and switching them on when depressed or upset. (After all, she figured that others might as well benefit from her misery.) But too often the prospect of brightening the days of those around her, along with their cheerful attitudes and sunny smiles, would chase her gloom away and return the moods of others to an unadulterated state.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Baines Johnson - Bryson Maas-Thierry - Coco Shively - Ronald Strong - Marie Claire Aden - Célestin Bandestsa - Djovi Koroma
Power Level: Tier Nine
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: Thoughtful, contemplative and introverted. It’s a chicken-and-egg question whether Namerlie’s power was an outgrowth of her penchant for abstract thinking, or whether the conundrums her abilities posed naturally enhanced the tendency.

Values: Africa, later shifts to Global Human University, Understanding Emotions

Known Powers

  • Namerlie has the ability to Control Emotions but only to instill the opposite of what she's feeling.
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