Monique Scarry

A metahuman who gave power to the supervillain Fred Cronwahl with the ability to use other's brainpower for hypermind abilities. From Cronwahl's history: "A woman named Monique Scarry had the ability to psychically ‘borrow’ the unused brainpower of those around her and fuel her own intellect. Fred was in the library returning some CDs when she was working on a particularly tricky chaos math problem operating in seven hypothetical dimensions." Beyond this description, Monique's details and history are left up to the GM.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Amy Sykes - Eloise Tyburn - Melanie Randel - Sandy Davis - Raoul Sadhil - Regina Pretorious - Sean Blotch
Power Level: Tier Nine
Offspring: Fred Cronwahl and one other

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