Michael Sepponen

A Sinn Féin member and metahuman who attended a show by Deionne Bright. When Michael realized he had metahuman powers he went back to Ireland to spread them among the IRA. His powers are left up to the GM to develop.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abraham Sykes - Deionne Bright
Power Level: Tier Four
Offspring: Terrence O'Shay and six others

Kingdom, Power, and Glory

In the Kingdom, Power, and Glory mini-setting, Sepponen has powers to control plants and use them as extensions of his senses. He uses these powers to literally tear down symbols of British occupation.

Offspring (Kingdom, Power, and Glory): Lughaidh "Luke" Kinsley, Matthew Mac Eoghain, Jonquil Miles, Terrence O'Shay, Lillian Garnet, and two others.

The Black Rose

Personality: Michael is a true believer and an idealist in the sense that he truly believes that fighting for Nothern Irish independence can work out in a stable situation. His commitment to this belief led him to jump at the chance to get powers of his own and he carefully spread them among his IRA compatriots to strengthen the cause. In this way, he’s somewhat the opposite of Adam Milliard who got powers and then figured out what to do with them, and Michael would be the first to pit himself as a noble counterpart to Milliard as the two become entrenched as nemeses.

Passions: Ireland (2)
Loyalties: Irish Republican Army (later Glóir) (4), Those Under His Command (2)

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