The Metapocalypse is a series of conflicts that grips the world in the early 1980s created by metahumans influencing world events. While many events previous to this one are different from our world because of the presence of powered individuals, it is the major changes during the Metapocalypse that really send it away from our timeline.

The immediate cause of the Metapocalypse is the metal seeds of Rudolph Phelps which spread havoc throughout the world. More generally, though, this havoc only ignited what was already there, the smoldering tensions of the Cold War and the growing tension surrounding the metahumans. When the seeds activate in 1983 in major cities throughout the United States and USSR, the two states launch nuclear weapons at each other. China joins in the conflict as well and a cloud of warheads threatens to wipe out life on Earth, only spared when Amanda Sykes neutralizes their payloads.

International conflict changes the world for good, ending by the spring of 1985, dubbed "the Spring of the Patriots" due to the reconstruction efforts by metahumans and nonpowered people, when hostilities finally calm.

The chaos sparks other violence as well, both national weapon systems and individual assaults. By the end of the year, nearly eight hundred million people are dead including Boris Mizurski (killed protecting the US eastern seaboard from KE spears), Andrew Colt (suicide when he realizes his drinking problem kept him from coordinating the US response), Lin Wen (killed in an opportunistic attack on London by Glóir), Joao Perdomo (killed by soldiers dominated by Selarosis Maxillae), Bao Verong (the victim of assassination), and Tuyet Thi Dang (killed by a syntergenically brainwashed patient while treating biowarfare victims in Laos).

Many cities are also damaged in the conflict including Hanoi, the only city not spared during the initial nuclear assault (a purposeful betrayal according to Progressive Harmony nations); Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem, destroyed by orbital KE attacks strong enough to create lava flows; and Halmahera Island, seized by the US Navy in an attempt to claim the Thien The Thang Máy space elevator.

Several regions also take advantage of the situation and political situations shift rapidly. Michigan secedes from the United States and declares itself a sovereign state, prompting a military response from President Reagan, and the situation is only kept in check by a forced armistice by Amanda Sykes. Northern Ireland, prompted by the bold actions of Glóir, declares independence (later the increasing violence will leade Sinn Féin to disavow them). Terrorist groups throughout Lebanon attack US interests in order to push the world power from the region. Haiti is thrown into anarchy when Jean-Claude Duvalier flees the country and the Phillipines also lose their dictatorial leader when Ferdinand Marcos is ousted from power. The USSR invades Afghanistan with extreme violence, claiming they are tracing the source of the killbots. Atlantis descends into chaos as the metahumans there are overwhelmed by public demand.

The followers of Å led by their leader and his confidant Sipho Masango seize land in the Kalahari to form the nation of Åia. When South Africa responds with a military force, the Åites defend themselves and hold their nation.

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