This is the term used for individuals given supernatural powers due to Dark Energy from the lineages begun by Amanda Sykes. In game terms, the Metahuman Archetype is a supers-permission immutable archetype. The most important aspect of the Metahuman Archetype is that it is contagious: once a metahuman uses their powers on another person, the target may develop powers of their own. Dark Energy is contagious until the metahuman's power reaches "equilibrium" (depending on their Tier). The basic types of contagious vectors are…

  • Strong: You automatically create a metahuman when you use your power. This happens the first X times you use them, where X is equal to eleven minus your Tier.
  • Stable Vector: You have a chance of transmitting Dark Energy equal to 110% minus 10% for each Tier. For instance, a Tier Four has a 70% chance of transmitting Dark Energy while a Tier Six has a 50% chance. This happens X number of times where X equals 11 minus your Tier.
  • Weak Vector: Your chance of creating a metahuman is between 1% and 10% (determined randomly) and continues until you've made a number of offspring equal to 11 minus your Tier.
  • Closed Vector: Your powers automatically kill, don't directly affect people, or otherwise can't transmit Dark Energy.


There are ten Tiers of metahuman, based on their relative power. Tier 1 is the strongest and Tier 10 is the weakest.

Tier One

The only Tier One metahuman is Amanda Sykes.

Tier Two

All ten Tier Two metahumans were created by Amanda Sykes before it was realized that Dark Energy could be transmitted. Nguyet Cam, General Andrew Colt, Lyndon B. Johnson, Sergeant Christopher Marshall, Abe Sykes, Amy Sykes, Ky Thientong, Dac Kien Truc, and Ngoc Vo are all Tier Two metahumans.

Tier Three

This is the lowest Tier in the game with "holes" in it. Amy Sykes creates two offspring besides her famous progeny, General Colt empowers an ARVN commander and Vietcong officer, Lyndon Johnson empowers a few more aides besides the two listed, and Ngoc Vo empowers many American soldiers with her teleportation powers. The named Tier Three metahumans are Private Amando Bell, Major Jason Blume Deionne Bright, Cynthia Carls, Andrew Colt Jr., Tracy Colt, Sergeant Charles Dooley, Henry Dowd, Private First Class Hector Faran, Barbara French, Jack Grimes, Brenda Harkness, Lieutenant Art Harmon, J. Edgar Hoover, Robert F. Kennedy, Ian Kraus, Lieutenant Mike Kurlansky, Cole Laskin, Bryson Maas-Thierry, LeRoi Mathers, Sergeant Mark May, Sergeant Rick McEllen, George McGovern, Boris Mizurski, Bich Thi Nguyen, Achille Riitzi, Private First Class Joe Ruiz, Alphonse Russo, Tina Shaw, Private First Class Joe Smith, Private Bill Stross, Eloise Tyburn, Corporal Robert Vaux, Jason Weeks, Lin Wen, and Jarvis West.

Tier Four

Tier Four contains a large population but only a small number of them are described. The named Tier Four metahumans are Trent Brownback, Hal Bryson, Jasper Carruthers, James W. Closterman, Jonas Dreyer, Tyler T. Ford, E. J. Houghton, Martin Luther King Jr., Howard "Reddy" March, Yuka Masataki, Bich Thi Nguyen, Charles Priestly, Melanie Randel, Paige Rampling, Leon Salvetti, Michael Sepponen, Coco Shively, Esperanza Soto, Morihei Sugamoto, Alyssa Veronne, Judith Weissman

Tier Five

Tier Five contains a number of ideologues who use their powers to achieve greatness for their particular cause. Like their powers, their influence is more focused than higher tiers and they change things on a national rather than global scale. The named Tier Five metahumans are Adelmo Archuleta, James Blaine, Riley Boetje, Ron Clute, Cassandra Cowper, Sandy Davis, Chandra Desani, Maria Escondo, Sydney Ford, Yuki Ittei, Jackson Kingford, Winston Koetke, Gloria May, Terrence O'Shay, Sophia Pendergrass, Joao Perdomo, Esteban Sanchez, Ronald Strong, Anaïs Suan, Tito Syzgsy, Salim Taieb, Quentin Tillson

Tier Six

Once the sixth tier of metahumans begins to form, people understand the spread of dark energy powers and the scope of the phenomenon. Many are purposefully created: from Åite Council of Wisdom to the first Atlanteans this tier is filled with a number of specifically-chosen metahumans. The named Tier Six metahumans are Marie Claire Aden, Lydia Aguilar, Aristophanes Baaden, Carol Berry, Wanda Blake, Harper Bradbury, Marcus Collins, Jean Davis, Moon Dawson, Mason Dean, Kenosi Dlamini, Zelda Estillõn, Ram Guhathakurta, Zahur Hossain, Refiliwe Kenana, Njabulo Malema, Nanette Michnik, Mchinu Modisane, Thabo Moloi, Christofero Muñoz, Ahn Peng, Christina Rodriguez, Raoul Sadhil, and Fiona Schott.

Tier Seven

If there were a label for Tier Seven, it would be the Assistant Tier. Many at this level have powers that are easily eclipsed by the higher tiers and yet they are also more numerous and available. Abe Sykes can heal anything but when he can't be there a Tier Seven healer will suffice for most anything. Nguyet Cam can teleport whatever is needed but if it isn't of national importance then a Tier Seven teleporter can duplicate most of what she can accomplish. The named Tier Seven metahumans are Cèlestin Bandestsa, Gavin Burroughs, Owen Cole, David Cowles, Anita Dresden, Phyllis Frye, Jess Hardesty, Mina Kefer, Olive P. Marceau, Sascha Michnik, Angelica Ming, Edmund Moore, Regina Pretorious, Augustus Pryce, Saichin Rahim, Connor Sprague, Sebastian Wainwright, and Zhou Wu

Tier Eight

Below Tier Seven, the numbers of metahumans continue to surge, and these bottom tier metahumans find themselves in a strange, suspended position. While often (though not always!) frail in comparison to their ancestors, they’re still quantum levels above the capabilities of ‘mere humanity.’ Whether they find their fates as civil defenders or selfish marauders, at the very least they have plenty of company. The named Tier Eight metahumans are Sean Blotch, Leo Dap, Chatelaine Debussy, Scott Draper, Melanie Dreyer, Marcia Gordimer, Ishmael Jackson, Djovi Koroma, Shannon Lovelace, LeighAnn May, Padraig McTavish, Brianna Mihulniac, Veronica O'Malley, Otis Rounder, Egon Rust, Egon Steinmetz, Gina Tzanetakos, Kevin Weist, and Carlotta Yorn

Tier Nine

The named Tier Nine metahumans are Dana Burns, Kevin Cody, Dino Corliss, Claudia Crosswine, Jake Cutter, Andrew Kiplinger, Bruce Konieck, Günter Marsden, Astrid Petronov, Rudolph Phelps, Namerlie Sarpong, Monique Scarry, Conan Scott, Alice Szynetski, Dale Webster

Tier Ten

The named Tier Ten metahumans are Fred Cronwahl, Danny Gore, Tilda Gräss, Henry Hatchett, Janice King, Arturo Lambruschi, Misty Leighton, Keyo Prince, Barnabas Rommel, and Matilda Schwartzenhelm

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