Maurizio Spear

Career: Professional

Some cops grow up with model officers around them, others come from the opposite direction. Maurizio is one of the latter.

As a kid his dad ran betting dens out of his autobody business and there were always seedy types hanging around. In between races he would beat Maurizio, sometimes just to pass the time. Unsurprisingly, the boy grew up hating his father and he joined the force more or less out of rebellion. He might not have lasted through his first year but he happened to get partnered with Dwayne Sinclair and the two formed a lasting friendship.

After serving on the force together for a while, a fateful day in April 1968 changed everything. Dispatch said to go to the Washington Marriott at Wardman Park and follow the directions of Special Agent Marks of the Secret Service. Working in Washington, the police ocassionally got called in to help the Secret Service or other officials but this call just seemed weird. When they arrived, Marks told them to head upstairs and watch the northern stairwell on the fifth floor. Simple enough, the partners went up and waited around for something fishy but nothing much happened. Then Dwayne collapsed. Maurizio knelt over him and made sure his partner had a pulse, then his own vision went blurry and Dwayne collapsed like a sack of bricks.

He woke later in a hospital room, empty except for a guy in a government-issue black suit sitting in the corner and staring at the clock. "I've got better things to do than babysit some doughnut-munching streetcop," the man was saying, "I should be on that manhunt."

"Don't let me stop you," Maurizio said indignantly and the man jumped five feet in the air. It was then that Maurizio registered that he hadn't actually been talking, the policeman could just… understand him. That's when things got really interesting.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Andrew Colt - Magnus Ostberg
Power Level: Tier Four
Offspring: None… yet.

Personality: Irreverent and efficient, Maurizio is the kind of cop that partners love and captains hate. He cuts corners to get results, approaches his job with more bravado than professionalism, and thinks he's untouchable. It just happens to be true in Maurizio's case.

Loyalties: His Partner (2)
Passions: Catching Criminals (2)

Power Suite

Detain 4hd (72 points)

Maurizio has the ability to shut down targets, holding them in place and rendering them mute. Once Detained, targets can make a Command + Stability roll to gobble the dice of this effect and break free.

Useful (bind): Duration +2, Power Capacity (Mass) +2. Capacities: Mass and Range.
Useful (silence): Attached (bind Quality) -2, Automatic -1, Power Capacity (Mass) +2. Capacities: Mass and Range.

Heavy Armor 6hd (72 points)

For getting to bad guys, Maurizio can take a punch and keep coming.

Defends: Armored Defense -2, Endless +3, Interference +3. Capacity: Self.

Extra Tough 3hd (30 points)

If anyone gets through his rock hard skin, Maurizio is also tough enough to roll with the punches.

Useful: Engulf +2, Permanent +4, Self Only -3. Capacity: Self.

Flight 4hd (48 points)

Oh yeah, he can also fly. Try and get away from him now, scum!

Defends. Capacity: Self.
Useful: Booster +2. Capacity: Speed.

Telepathy 5hd (120 points)

Before his change, Maurizio was good at reading people and spotting lies. With dark energy he can look directly into their minds and spot them trying to pull one over.

Attacks: Booster +2, Non-Physical +2. Capacity: Range.
Defends. Capacity: Self.
Useful: Booster +2. Capacity Range.

Hyperbrawl 2wd (8 points)

Sometimes he doesn’t have time to Detain someone or he doesn’t want to risk them breaking out. For that, there’s his increased tackle-and-slam powers.

Hyperskill +1


Maurizio joins Dwayne Sinclair in becoming Hoover's "Exam Team" to search out rogue metahumans for the government. Sinclair is in it for patriotism, Private Berger is in it because of his duty, but Maurizio is just in it because it's what he wants to be doing. He and Dwayne crisscross the country finding dark energy individuals and reporting them back to Hoover and taking them in or calling in the big guns. He's not an idiot, but Maurizio prefers to get things done himself which can sometimes get him into trouble.

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