Matthew Reese


Career: Soldier

Matthew Reese is a complicated figure. On the one hand he can be a loyal teammate who's honestly thankful for friends who back him up, but when things get rough he quickly gets to "indignant and sour." He got a job with the Birmingham police as a beat cop but grew frustrated with the job as others were promoted above him. He found a true friend in Tawnee Merle, otherwise he might have left the force entirely. The two were helping to quell a Blight riot when Adam Milliard and Seraphina Brewer arrived to help. Both Matt and Tawnee were caught in one of Time Lord's chronostasis fields when their patrol car crashed into a barricade. They were pulled free while the car was frozen in place and in the process both were empowered.

It took Matt a while to realize it, all he knew was that his veins were on fire and he felt ill for three days. His supervising officer was less than sympathetic and when Matt got back to the station and realized his sick leave had been denied he lost it. He started shouting at the senior officer, loud enough for the rest of the station to hear, and the other man's retorts were soon cut short as his own veins started to freeze. The man turned blue and sat down heavily while Matt continued to rant. He only stopped when the water coolers throughout the station changed from water to blood and shattered all over the floor.

As he stomped home, Matt began to realize the full extent of his powers. He wouldn't be ignored anymore. Now he was someone. When the suspension letter came a week later, Matt just laughed. He had bigger things to do now anyways.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lin Wen - Adam Milliard
Power Level: Tier Four
Offspring: Lucian Warner, Ingrid Lawson, Elwin Herbert, David Jones, Jayda Williams, and one other

Personality: Matt has always felt like the underdog, someone life takes unfair pot shots at while others just coast through. When he gets the chance to get back at someone who's hurt him, Matt takes it and doesn't look back. When he gets power, this because ever easier and the power goes to his head a little bit. He looks out for his friends, people who have shown him loyalty and kindness, but when the chips are down Matthew Reese looks out for Matthew Reese only.

Loyalties: Justice (2)
Passions: Looking Out for Number One (2)

Power Suite

Control Blood 2d + 2wd (70 points)

It might be disgusting, but it’s damn useful. Matt has the ability to freeze or heat blood to cause his enemies damage and he has the ability to pull up sheets of blood as shields. Of course, one doesn’t always have blood on hand, which is where the power below comes into play.

Attacks: If/Then (must have blood available) -1, Power Capacity (Mass) +2. Capacities: Range and Mass
Defends: If/Then (must have blood available) -1. Capacity: Self.
Useful: If/Then (must have blood available) -1, Power Capacity (Mass) +2. Capacities: Range and Mass

Turn Water to Blood 4d + 2hd (72 points)

What if there’s no blood around? Well Matt can create it by transforming water, it’s just a slow endeavor. Still, when you can transform 8,000 tons of water into blood, it gives you a lot to work with. Matt can always leave out Hard Dice from his pool and some of the Booster Extras to make just a little blood but he really likes the flashy stuff of changing a whole river to blood and pulling creations from it.

For reference, blood has a density of about 1.06 kg/L or 8.85 lbs/gal. A full use of this power at 8,000 tons would make almost two million gallons of blood, enough to change three and a third Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Useful: Booster (Mass) +4, Go Last -1, If/Then (only water to blood) -1, Permanent +4, Power Capacity (Range) +2, Slow -2. Capacities: Mass and Range.

Blood Creations 2d + 2hd (54 points)

Matthew is able to craft blood into any object he wants from a pair of swords (one of his favorites) to a barricade to a ship. The size of the object depends on the width of his roll, which will be at least two unless there are gobble dice interfering.

Attacks: Duration +2, Obvious –1, If/Then (Variable Effect is only for artifacts) –1, If/Then (only artifacts from blood) -1, Slow -2, Variable Effect +4. Capacities: N/A.
Defends: Duration +2, Obvious –1, If/Then (Variable Effect is only for artifacts) –1, If/Then (only artifacts from blood) -1, Slow -2, Variable Effect +4. Capacities: N/A.
Useful: Duration +2, Obvious –1, If/Then (Variable Effect is only for artifacts) –1, If/Then (only artifacts from blood) -1, Slow -2, Variable Effect +4. Capacities: N/A.

Extra Tough 4hd (12 points)

This is for Matt’s blood creations. For whatever reason they’re tougher than normal, which means Matt can make some solid tools that will last the whole scene.

Useful: Attached (Blood Creations) -2, Automatic -1, Engulf +2, Permanent +4, Self Only -3. Capacity: Self.

Blood Creature 1d + 1wd (60 points)

If Matt has access to about 1.5 gallons of blood (the volume in a 180 lb person) he can make an animate creature of blood that can do his bidding. They come in a variety of shapes, all resembling gargoyles or imps, but they can fly and attack people with their claws. Their top flying speed is 50 yards in a round and the Extra Tough built into their qualities means that they have three wound boxes in each hit location.

The creatures will act independently and can get 20,000 yards (about 4 miles) away from Matthew before they start to fall apart. On several equations, Matt has prepared for a battle by working through the night to create a horde of blood creatures to descend on his enemies and scatter them. Note that the dice pool has its width increased by one for Attacks and Defends uses.

Attacks: Attached (“creation” quality) -2, Attacks Quality +2, Power Capacity (Mass) +2. Capacities: Mass and Range.
Defends: Attached (“creation” quality) -2, Defends Quality +2. Capacity: Self.
Useful (creation): Booster +3, Endless +3, Horrifying -1, If/Then (must use 1.5 gallons of blood) -1, Obvious -1, Slow -2. Capacity: Range.
Useful (flight): Attached (“creation” quality) -2, Booster +1. Capacity: Speed.
Useful (Extra Tough): Attached (“creation” quality) -2, Engulf +2, Permanent +4, Self Only -3, Useful Quality +2. Capacity: Self.

Hypermelee 4d (4 points)

Being a master of blood is a nasty business, but Matt has embraced it and has a predilection for drawing blood.

Hyperskill +1

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