Matilda Schwartzenhelm

Matilda kills Zipperneck!

Okay, this should be her history, but c’mon. She kills Zipperneck. Alphonse Russo, way back in the Tier Three list o’ badasses. The guy who rips off Fort Knox and fights all kinds of superheroes to a standstill and Matilda takes her wimpy, bitch-ass Tier Ten power and kills him deader’n shit!

Now that that’s off my chest: Matilda Schwartzenhelm worked in a credit union, processing home equity loans and facilitating mortgage refinancing. She got exposed by Jake Cutter, a Tier Nine who didn’t even realize he had a superpower. He’d subtly gotten jacked up with Hypercharm and he used it to get an extension on his overdue loan payment. (I know: What a waste, right?)

Matilda herself didn’t realize that she had a power until the guy came back, a month later, cocky as all hell and not even trying to hide the fact that he was manipulating her. Now, she couldn’t help finding Jake likable and convincing, but there was part of her thinking, “I bet he’s using some kind of dumb dark energy head hoodoo and I can’t resist it, good grief. I should be glad he’s not trying to seduce me, although… no, nah, ugh, I just wish he’d knock it off.”

With that, she nullified Cutter’s power and rejected his extension request.

Her ancestor never twigged to the fact that the sudden end of his lucky streak coincided with trips to the bank.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Andrew Colt - Jason Blume - Jasper Carruthers - Jackson Kingford - Mason Dean - Jess Hardesty - Ishmael Jackson - Claudia Crosswine - Jake Cutter
Power Level: Tier Ten
Offspring: None

Personality: Brisk, businesslike, no-nonsense and down-to-earth. She doesn’t like surprises and has little patience for people who make spectacles of themselves. Equipped with permanent power-stripping, she is the worst nightmare of many flamboyant criminals and not a few fast-and-loose vigilantes.

Values: Social Order, Tidiness

Known Powers

  • Matilda has the ability to Nullify powers, like the ability in Wild Talents.
  • Once she's Nullified someone, she can use Nullradicate to permanently remove their powers.
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