Mason Dean

An undeveloped metahuman in the lineages of Gina Tzanetakos, Matilda Schwartzenhelm, and Jess Hardesty. His powers are left up to the GM, but the Power Lines Wiki describes him as having "unknown powers [but] probably a soldier." Jess Hardesty's description provides an image of a "tall black man from Vietnam" who was killed when his car careened into the Mississippi, just as Jess Hardesty predicted.

Considering that Mason is in a direct line of succession from Andrew Colt through a number of other soldiers, it's possible that he was given powers purposefully in a manner similar to Nguyet Cam's Progress Cadre. If so, Mason was evidently the break in that program since he gave powers to a non-military person and since he evidently was disillusioned by his time in Vietnam.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Andrew Colt - Jason Blume - Jasper Carruthers - Jackson Kingford
Power Level: Tier Six
Offspring: Jess Hardesty and four others

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