Dr. Magnus Ostberg

The Surgeon

Career: Doctor
Stats: Body 1, Coordination 1, Sense 2, Mind 3, Command 1, Charm 2
Skills: Athletics 1, Brawling 1, Endurance 1, Dodge 1, Driving (Car) 1, Ranged Weapon (Pistol) 1, Stealth 1, Empathy 1, Perception 1, Scrutiny 1, First Aid 4, Knowledge (Military) 1, Medicine 3, Research 1, Persuasion 1, Leadership 2, Stability 5

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Andrew Colt
Power Level: Tier Three
Offsping: David Stewart, Fizz Carter, Dwayne Sinclair, Maurizio Spear… so far.

Loyalties: The Sick & Injured (3), The Democratic Party (1), Hubert Humphrey (1), Family (2)
Passions: Will Not Kill (3), Advancement of Medical Science (2)

Power Suite

Healing 2hd (16 points)

The first Useful Quality is standard healing, modified to heal every hit location at once, rather than just one. The second Useful Quality is regeneration, but it only trigers if he didn't use Healing this round. Note that with Willpower Investment, if his Willpower runs low his regeneration can be hobbled.

Useful (Touch): Engulf +2, Obvious -1, Touch Only -2, Useful Quality +2, Willpower Bid -1. Capacity: Touch.
Useful (Self): Engulf +2, Go Last -1, If/Then (doesn't work in round where Useful (Touch) Quality is used) -1, Permanent +4, Self Only -3, Willpower Investment -1. Capacity: Self.

Invulnerability 2hd (52 points)

This ability reduces the width of all attacks against the good doctor by 2 and acts as 2 LAR, though it's vulnerable to penetration.

Defends: Interference +3, Permanent +4. Capacity: Self.
Defends: Armored Defense -2, Permanent +4. Capacity: Self.

Anesthesia 3hd (54 points)

This attack creates sedatives directly in the bloodstream of the target, inflicting 5 Shock to the head at width 5 to a target within 400 yards. The target can resist with a Body + Endurance roll, but this is enough to knock out most customers since it bypasses armor.

Attacks: Attacks Quality (x2) +4, Booster +1, Go First (x2) +2, Limited Damage -1, Non-Physical +2, Willpower Bid -1. Capacity: Range.

Flight 7d (21 points)

When the going gets tough, Dr. Ostberg takes to the skies. He can fly at 160 yards per round, though this potentially ties up 7 Willpower so he needs to have a full tank or roll a lower pool.

Useful: Duration +2, Willpower Investment -1. Capacity: Speed.

Containment 4hd (112 points)

Magnus can create a forcefield in a 10 yard raius to contain things at a distance (range of 80 yards). This comes from his training as a triage doctor in Vietnam but it also works against things other than infections… like Russian agents. It can affect up to 4,000 lbs which handles most things, though it couldn't stop a car for instance, and can be used to protect the doctor or his allies.

Defends: Controlled Effect +1, Power Capacity (Range) +2, Radius +2, Willpower Bid -1. Capacity: Range.
Useful: Booster +1, Controlled Effect +1, High Capacity (Mass) +1, Power Capacity (Range) +2, Radiu +2, Willpower Bid -1. Capacities: Range and Mass.

Hyperstats (156 points total)

Magnus is stronger, smarter, more commanding, and more aware than he was before. He still has the hand-eye coordination of a surgeon… he just has the coordination of several more as well. All of these are different abilities, just gathered here for convenience.

  • Hyperbody 4d (16 points)
  • Hypercoordination 3d + 1hd + 1wd (36 points)
  • * Hypersense 4d (16 points)
  • Hypermind 4d (16 points)
  • Hypercharm 5d (20 points)
  • Hypercommand 4d + 1wd (32 points)

Hyperstat +4

Hyperskills (27 points)

Same deal as the hyperstats, they're just here for bookeeping not because they're linked.

  • Hyperathletics 1d (1 point)
  • Hyperblock 1d (1 point)
  • Hyperbrawling 1d (1 point)
  • Hyperendurance 1d (1 point)
  • Hyperdodge 2d (2 points)
  • Hyperstealth 1d (1 point)
  • Hyperempathy 2d (2 points)
  • Hyperperception 2d (2 points)
  • Hyperscrutiny 1d (1 point)
  • Hyperknowledge (Electronics) 1d (1 point)
  • Hyperknowledge (Politics) 1d (1 point)
  • Hyperlanguage (French) 1d (1 point)
  • Hyperlanguage (Vietnamese) 1d (1 point)
  • Hypermedicine** 1d (1 point)
  • Hypernavigation 1d (1 point)
  • Hypersecurity 1d (1 point)
  • Hyperstreetwise 1d (1 point)
  • Hypersurvival 1d (1 point)
  • Hyperlie 2d (2 points)
  • Hyperpersuasion (2 points)
  • Hyperinterrogation 1d (1 point)
  • Hyperintimidation 1d (1 point)

Hyperskill +1

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