Luke Kinsley

The Glass Man

Career: Laborer

The gangly youth with the unwieldy name of Lughaidh might easily have followed in his father’s footsteps and become a sheep farmer in Donegal. The fact that he didn’t might simplistically, but accurately, be attributed to his mother. Luke (as he prefers) grew up with stories of heroes and the great mythic history of Ireland, stories that he carried into adolescence and which served to transform his teenaged energy into a fervor to see all of Ireland united in freedom.

He worked with other country boys, sabotaging army supply routes and grounding vehicles. He was an effective soldier with an infectious grin, just the sort of man that could recruit and inspire others. When the Black Rose was looking for candidates to become IRA metahumans Luke was clearly at the top of the list from the start.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abe Sykes - Deionne Bright - Michael Sepponen
Power Level: Tier Five
Offspring: None (Closed Vector)

Personality: Luke is a hero to his comrades in the IRA, but more importantly he’s a hero to himself. Luke really sees himself as a savior who can do the right thing and come out on top with the bad guys vanquished and the innocents saved. He felt this way beforehand, sabotaging British Army equipment in the Ulster countryside like Robin Hood and coming back to a hero’s welcome in small towns with arms full of stolen supplies. Now that he can’t be touched by the enemy his hero complex has reached new levels of bravado. He doesn’t hesitate to throw himself in harm’s way to save others and even the thought that his powers might fail doesn’t worry him that much. Of course, he also doesn’t want to do anything ignoble which is something that continually puts him at odds with the plans of the IRA.

Loyalties: The Irish Republican Army (later Glóir) (2)
Passions: Being the Hero (2)

Power Suite

Crystal Skin 8hd (272 points)

The crystalline sheen that covers Luke’s skin is more than just a shiny coating, it is a diamond hard replacement of his human flesh. This crystal can shed damage like sluiced rainwater and it shields him from disease, radiation, and poison. The trade-off, of course, is looking like a “sugar-dipped candy” in the words of Terrence O’Shay.

Defends (HAR): Interference +3, Obvious -1, Permanent +4. Capacity: Self.
Defends (LAR): Armored Defense -2, Hardened Defense +2, Obvious -1, Permanence +4. Capacity: Self.
Useful: If/Then (only for Variable Effect) -1, If/Then (Variable Effect is only for immunities) -1, Obvious -1, Permanent +4. Self Only -3, Variable Effect +4. Capacity: Self.

Reinforced Body 4hd (16 points)

In addition to protecting him from damage, Luke’s crystalline skin also allows him to absorb more damage than the average man. He has four extra wound boxes in each hit location, which work just like any other wound boxes.

Useful: Always On -1, Attached (Crystal Skin) -2, Engulf +2, Permanent +4, Self Only -3. Capacity: Self.

Stronger, Faster 2d + 1wd (12 points)

Luke’s enhancement goes beyond the defensive; with his brand-new crystalline skin he’s stronger and faster than ever. Like everything else, this is all part of the package and if anything shuts down his main power he loses these Hyperstats as well.

Hyperstat (Body) +4, Always On -1, Attached (Crystal Skin) -2.
Hyperstat (Coordination) +4, Always On -1, Attached (Crystal Skin) -2

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