Lin Wen

The Fastest Woman Alive

The stereotype that “Asians are all smart” was not so well established in 1968, but even without that, Lin Wen always felt a little slow. She worked hard, she studied, but it always seemed like she was the last one to reach the answer. When there was time pressure, it got worse—instead of taking twice as long, it might take her four times longer than it would a normal high-school student her age. So when the car ran the red light and honked at her, she didn’t jump out of the way. She froze. She was panicky, hyperventilating and wishing things would just slow down when they brought her into the E.R.

She didn’t even notice the man in the flannel shirt standing unobtrusively in the corner, tipping his ball cap at her.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abraham Sykes
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Closed Vector

Personality: Initially, Lin is a confused, hesitant and uncertain. As she grows to realize the extent of her power, she goes through a stage of being rebellious, contemptuous of normal folks and even a touch cruel. At that stage, other powered people could redeem her—or push her into true, selfish evil.

Values: Her Nation (this is initially the US, later the UK), Success, Respect, ID/EA

Known Powers

  • Her primary power is her Hyperrunning.
  • Lin has amazing speed which lets her take Multiple Actions and beat out others with Me First.
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