Laotian Götterdammerung

This heightened conflict was a series of battles between American and Vietnamese metahumans. When North Vietnam pushed into Laos in February of 1971 they were met with a contingent of American powered combatants and the situation soon escalated.

Over the next month, the situation precipitated a series of battles that claimed the lives of Linh Thi Li and Tuan Cong Thach, while Monument is driven insane by the stress of his transformation and continued mental assaults by General Andrew Colt. Henry Dowd is nearly killed and Christopher Marshall ultimately removes himself and his turf warriors when An Toán Do threatens his fiancée.

Other combatants include Duc Van Ho, Mai Thi Chung, Tuyet Thi Dang, Amanda Sykes, and Joe Smith. The conflict left thousands dead and the countryside of Laos a ravaged ruin, earning it's moniker after the famous "Twilight of the Gods" opera by Wagner.

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