Keyo Prince

The Fantasmobile

Some people are born into a family business like, say, an automotive repair shop. They’re expected to follow their parents’ footsteps, join the old firm as soon as they’re of age and, like it or not, that’s their fate.

Keyo was born to pimp.

He’d really have been happier as a mechanic, but no man-child of Detroit’s famous Howard “Prince Pleasure” Prince was going to get his hands dirty working on engines, or waste time going to school when there were hos to knock and tricks to turn out. Keyo knew no other life, respect for women was as alien to him as the surface of Mars, but at least he got a fly ride for his sixteenth birthday.

Flash forward a few years. Keyo’s dad retired to battle kidney disease, leaving his handsome, fresh-faced son to manage the stable. Keyo’s now known as “Prince Fantasy,” he’s cruising along in his cherry-red caddy when someone just appears next to him at a stoplight, yelling something about his daughter and then the guy’s in the car, grabbing him, and then they’re in the middle of the street, and then they’re on top of a building, this deranged white sumbitch yelling the whole time. Keyo finally realized he was looking for his latest recruit, Sara, and he managed to stammer out her hotel and room number. Then Keyo and the crazy white guy were in midair over downtown Detroit, and then Keyo was alone in midair.

When he woke up in the hospital, all his girls came to visit. After the first week, about half had dropped off. After nine days, he checked himself out against his doctor’s wishes and set about recovering the hookers who had strayed to other protectors. He could barely walk, but he could still drive, and when he saw one of his former employees handing money—his money, as he saw it—to a competitor, something in him snapped. He saw red and then busted leg and broken arm didn’t bother him at all as he smacked that fool hard enough to send him across the street. Witnesses later said it was a red metal robot, and that was the first report of “the Fantasmobile.”

Sometimes it took the form of a red Cadillac, parked for hours before starting up, driverless, to run down a rival procurer or give a warning bump to a delinquent streetwalker. Once the ‘robot man’ was seen rampaging through a brothel, and when one of his girls ran off with some earnest college punk, a centaur-like thing, four wheels and two long arms and a scowling man’s face worked in metal with a feathered hat perched on top, chased them down on the freeway.

But what Keyo really wants to do is find the teleporter who put him in the hospital. He wants to thank the man personally and give his cute little daughter a job that could last the rest of her life.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Baines Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover - Tyler Ford - James Blaine - Jean Davis - Evan Moore - Otis Rounder - Kevin Cody
Power Level: Tier Ten
Offspring: None

Personality: Keyo is bad by upbringing, not by nature. He has systematically been taught that women are commodities to be manipulated and exploited. That warps his interactions with everyone and everything. But while he’s casually violent to protect what he considers his property or rights, he isn’t sadistic or cruel.

Values: Masculine Dignity, Cars

Known Powers

  • Keyo can transform into a number of different car-related forms: Transform to Car, Transform to Carlike Humanoid, and Transform to Automotive Centaur.
  • While in a car form, Keyo gains Hyperbody, Hyperrun, Light Armor, and Heavy Armor.
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