Kevin Weist


Kevin fell in love with a flight attendant but, well, she was flighty. She was pursuing the pre-AIDS era zipless fuck, he was a closeted romantic who believed in love at first sight and if either of them had been good at communication, or less attracted to the other, or sober, it might have all been a close call. Instead, it turned into a metaphorical mid-air collision.

Cyber-stalking wasn’t really possible in 1981, and chasing her all over the globe would have rapidly depleted his school-teacher salary. But one day the bank he was in got robbed by a guy with a glowing red energy field and Kevin was the hapless customer selected to to show off how the robber’s power worked.

The hospital did good work, but getting cheese-textured flesh burns peeled off in the hot-water therapy tub just cannot be made tolerable. He wished he was somewhere else, anywhere really but his home in particular and then there was a strange wobbly moment before he, his doctor, and the whole damn hydrobath crashed down into his apartment. The pain of dropping six feet was even worse on his skin than the pain of treatment, but as he looked dumbly around at his own walls, and up at the ceiling of the hospital, Kevin’s life was already beginning to change.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Amy Sykes - Eloise Tyburn - Melanie Randel - Ron Clute - Fiona Schott - Sebastian Wainwright
Power Level: Tier Eight
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: Inside every romantic is a bitter, selfish cynic just waiting for heartbreak and disfiguring burns to set him free. Even after a dark energy healer fixes his body good as new, Kevin’s wounded. He’s bitter, resentful, a prima donna and he comes down with a major sense of entitlement.

Values: Cynicism, Selfishness

Known Powers

  • Kevin has the ability to Space Warp, which is similar to teleportation but actually makes two locations coterminous for a short time.
  • As an even bigger effect, he can even use Space Tear which creates a more permanent rift between locations.
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