Kenosi Dlamini

Pronunciation: KENohsee LahMEEnee

Giver of Other Selves

Kenosi is described in the western press as “Åism’s Saint Paul” for his military background and unapologetic fervor. (The comparison is one Bich Thi Nguyen finds particularly distasteful, incidentally.) Kenosi was a Marxist revolutionary-by-deed in Mozambique, plotting to overthrow Portuguese rule in his homeland. An educated man with a rebel’s disdain for intellectualized resistance, Kenosi fought as a foot soldier in Cabo Delgado during FRELIMO’s revolution. By the time Å came to Mozambique in 1979, Kenosi was an interior security officer seeking RENAMO counter-revolutionaries and Rhodesian spies.

Though vocally an enthusiastic Communist, Kenosi was nursing doubts and frustrations when Å found him. When Å took his hands and looked into his eyes, Kenosi found himself filled with a passion and hope he hadn’t known for years, a hope that fled when he killed his first soldier in 1964. Å promised a better way, not only to protect his fledgling nation against RENAMO, but to support the ANC and the cause of freedom throughout Africa.

Despite his personal loyalty to Å, Kenosi frequently clashes with other members of the Wisdom Council. Drawing on his experiences as a soldier and a spy hunter, he often argues for direct, ‘realpolitik’ applications of dark energy power, even at the cost of long-term plans for global Ĕ distribution. Given his genius and his spiritual role, it can be hard to argue against him. After the Åssassination in 1995, Kenosi becomes even more bitter and cynical than he was before his 1979 spiritual awakening.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Baines Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover - Howard March - Winston Koetke
Power Level: Tier Six
Offspring: Unknown

Known Power

  • Like Reddy March, Kenosi can Bestow Other Self and show people alternate histories and expand their worldview.
  • He also has Hyperbrains, Dead Ringer, and Regeneration.
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