Karl Berger

Career: Fresh Recruit
Stats: Body 4, Coordination 3, Sense 3, Mind 1, Charm 2, Command 4
Skills: Brawling 2, Driving (car) 2, Intimidation 2

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Andrew Colt
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: None… yet.

Loyalties: Military (3)
Passions: Anti-Communism (4)

Power Suite

Super Parkour 5d + 5wd (50 points)

Karl is amazingly dextrous now and can move around as he pleases. This is more than just acrobatics: Karl is able to run up walls, flip through tiny spaces, and sprint across water.

Useful: No Physics +1, Self Only -3, Useful Quality +2. Capacity: Self.

Heavy Armor 4hd (40 points)

As long as he's in uniform, Karl has Heavy Armor as described in Wild Talents.

Defends: Armored Defense -2, Endless +3, If/Then (must be in uniform) -1, Interference +3. Capacity: Self.

Napalm 8d + 2wd (64 points)

With his head already filled with horrible stories about napalm, it's no surprise that Karl picked this as his main offensive power.

Attacks: Burn +2. Capacity: Range.

Light Armor 4hd (24 points)

Just like in Wild Talents… He doesn't even have to be in uniform!

Defends: Armored Defense -2, Endless +3. Capacity: Self.

Master Tactician 3hd (6 points)

In an instant, Karl gained the ability to see every situation with the eye of a practiced veteran. He is able to size up scenes and people to discern threats and the best responses.

Hyperskill +1

Enhanced Ability (96 points total)

Karl has some impressive raw power with his dark energy enhancements.

  • Hyperbody: 5d (20 points)
  • Hypercoordination: 5d (20 points)
  • Hypersense: 6d (24 points)
  • Hypermind: 2d (8 points)
  • Hypercharm: 3d (12 points)
  • Hypercommand: 3d (12 points)

Hyperstat +4

Enhanced Training (15 points total)

Karl's soldier abilities also have been boosted by his powers.

  • Hyperweapon (Pistol): 2d (2 points)
  • Hyperperception: 1d + 1 wd (5 point)
  • Hyperpersuasion: 4d (4 points)
  • Hyperleadership: 2d (2 points)
  • Hyperstability: 2d (2 points)

Base Willpower +2 (6 points)

More than anything else, Karl really wants to be the best soldier he can.

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