Jonquil Miles

The Ice Queen, Imbolc

Career: Professional

Working downtown in the Waring Street office of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, Jonquil saw firsthand what excesses and strongarm tactics the police were willing to use. After seeing more bodybags than she could handle, Jonquil began passing information on to IRA when she could. She was only a secretary but she ocassionally got the chance to copy files, memorize maps, and pass on information to the IRA about what moles the police had in the organization.

When Michael Sepponen came to an IRA meeting to pass on dark energy, he saw Jonquil as a way to get a hypermind spy in the RUC. Jonquil had other ideas, though. She wanted revenge for all the dead civilians she saw, all the terror and fear, and all the frightened children. She wanted the power to fight and tear the brutal police force apart, and that’s exactly what she got.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abe Sykes - Deionne Bright - Michael Sepponen
Power Level: Tier Five
Offspring: Gordie Wolfe, Evangeline Gladwin, Jacob Mitchell, Cóemgein (Kevin) Gardiner, and two others.

Personality: Many people are surprised when they meet the famed Ice Queen. She is not the cold, stone-hearted bitch that her epithet would imply. In fact she’s extremely empathetic and emotionally-driven, which is what makes her such a ferocious fighter. She cannot stand injustice and has little faith in bad people truly changing. Jonquil operates on more of the “excise and cauterize” method of dealing with evil.

Loyalties: Justice (3), the Irish Republican Army (later Glóir) (2)
Passions: Punishing the Wicked (2), Defending Children (2)

Power Suite

Ice Body 10hd (120 per die)

In her signature Ice Body form, Jonquil looks like a sculpture of herself wrought in pure, blue-white ice. She’s not totally transparent (which would be creepy anyways) but it’s clear that she is a living being of ice and there’s no hiding that. Even if she attempts to cover up, frost builds up on the outside of her clothing which makes it hard to look like anything but an ice creature. When in ice form, Jonquil has HAR, LAR, and immunity to any cold damage or cold-based attacks.

Defends (HAR): Armored Defense -2, Interference +3, Duration +2, Obvious -1. Capacity: Self.
Defends (LAR): Always On -1, Armored Defense -2, Attached (HAR Quality) -2, Duration +2, Hardened Defense +2, Obvious -1. Capacity: Self.
Useful: Always On -1, Duration +2, Attached (HAR Quality) -2, If/Then (only for Variable Effect) -1, If/Then (Variable Effect is only for immunities) -1, Obvious -1, Variable Effect +4. Capacity: Self.

Healing Ice 5hd (20 points)

While her ice body is resilient, it’s not immune to damage. As long as she stays in it, though, her body will continually refreeze any wounds with new ice so that she can heal. The ice form will also freeze and shred any viruses or bacteria in her system.

Useful (Damage): Always On -1, Attached (Ice Body) -2, Engulf +2, Duration +2, Self-Only -3. Capacity: Self.
Useful (Disease): Always On -1, Attached (Damage Quality) -2, Engulf, Duration +2, Self-Only -3. Capacity: Self.

Touch As Ice 5hd (10 points)

Ice is tougher than people (surprise, surprise) and when in her Ice Body form, Jonquil is able to take a lot more damage. She has five extra wound boxes in each hit location, but these only last as long as her Ice Body form does.

Useful: Always On -1, Attached (Ice Body) -2, Duration +2, Engulf +3, Self-Only -3. Capacity: Self.

Hyperbody 4wd (32points)

Jonquil’s Hyperbody is only active in her Ice Body form. With it, though, she can deal some impressive damage, even punching through armored vehicles.

Hyperstat +4, Attached (Ice Body) -2, Always On -1, Penetration +1

Create Ice 3d + 2wd (33 points)

Jonquil is also capable of chilling the area around her, creating sheets and walls of ice with her touch, up to 8,000 lbs of the stuff at a time. She can also hurl hailstones at her opponents or use it to create a surging wave of ice that she rides forward at a clip of 40 yards in a round. While the air does get drier as she creates the ice, Jonquil can create ice even if there is no humidity in the air around her.

Attacks: Attached (Crystalling Body) -2, Capacity: Range.
Useful (Creation): Attached (Ice Body) -2, Booster +1. Capacity: Mass.
Useful (Movement): Attached (Ice Body) -2. Capacity: Speed.

Share the Cold 5hd (70 points)

Once she is in her Ice Body form, Jonquil is able to give her icy form to others for the space of a scene. With a touch, she makes them walking beings of ice as well with HAR and LAR to match, though not as good as hers.

Defends (HAR): Attached (Ice Body) -2, Duration +2, Interference +3, Obvious -1, Power Capacity (Touch) +1. Capacity: Touch.
Defends (LAR): Attached (Ice Body) -2, Duration +2, Obvious -1, Power Capacity (Touch) +1. Capacity: Touch.

+5 Base Will

Maybe it’s being an untouchable ice-person or maybe it’s the ability to literally reshape the people around her in her own image, but Jonquil is feeling pretty good about herself since getting dark energy powers.

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