Pfc Joe Smith

Just Some Guy

When people joke about his name, Joe Smith just shrugs and suggests that his parents weren’t very creative. But it’s a common first name, a common last name, and you’d expect, hearing it, someone who isn’t special.

Joe heard that a lot growing up, and other than being an above-average bass player and having premature gray hair starting at age 16, there wasn’t a lot about Joe Smith that stood out.

In Vietnam, however, Smith became a member of a select group. He, along with three other members of his fire team and a medic, were the only Americans to survive an attack from Ky “Sét” Thientong (p. 182).

They got lucky. Ky was still learning the parameters of his power. He knew single blasts were devastating and that when he split his power, the individual detonations left larger fragments in their wake. But when he experimented with dividing his power into five spheres while devastating a heavily fortified US base (from a position ten miles away), he weakened his power to the point that not only did most of the people in the initial blast survive, one of the five blasts was a complete dud. The white sphere struck and radiated, things trembled a little… but that was it.

There was a lot of confusion and fear, of course. The people in those other four blast sites were mostly unconscious. Sergeant Henry Dowd told his troops to run for the jungle, and Ian Kraus followed. It was just luck that they got there before the second barrage, one effective enough to leave everyone else knocked out, and 90% of them dead. A third blast sealed the deal, and reports from the Vietcong spotters in the jungle ensured that Sét Thientong never strained his powers like that again.

It got interesting for the fire team when the enemy closed in looking for survivors. Dowd and Kraus started defending themselves. Privates Riitzi and Faran vanished from sight, but made their presences felt. And Joe?

The Vietcong ignored him. They acted like he was one of them. To his great unease, he realized he could understand everything they were saying, that he knew just what to do to fit in, that his appearance could shift at need to make him blend.

It took him two days to get close to Ky Thientong. He had a stolen .45 pointed at the back of Sét’s head when a sharp voice cried, “Look out!” Thientong flinched, the bullet hit Ky’s shoulder, and without that warning Joe Smith would have destroyed Vietnam’s deadliest weapon (at that time). But that misfortune was evened out by his luck at escaping and getting back to the Army. Very few people could have eluded Nguyet Cam’s pursuit, for it was she who arrived in time to save Sét. Had he known, he could have killed her instead, an opportunity he regretted until his dying day.

*Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Ky Thientong
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Closed Vector

Personality: Joe’s a comedian, happy to make himself the butt of a joke if it’s a good one, willing to mock others if he likes them enough. A performer by nature, his power seems to have fulfilled his fears about himself, rather than his hopes. But with those powers he makes himself one of the most feared espionage and covert operations assets of the late 20th centuries.

Values: The USA, His Unit, Music

Known Powers

  • Joe can change his appearance to become a Dead Ringer for someone else.
  • He also has the uncanny ability to Fit In and can supplement his appearance changing with Illusions and Hyperlie.
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