Joao Perdomo


Joao came from a moneyed Honduran family and transitioned their business from shipping into waste management and hospital support services. He was smart enough, but more importantly he was willing to work twelve- and fourteen-hour days as a matter of course. A little bit of a tyrant, he still managed to impress his employees, mostly because he never demanded that they work harder than him. Just harder than his competitors.
He was a bit of a playboy, too, parlaying his eligible bachelor status, good looks and money into a string of brief dalliances. He never lied to the ladies. He never said he was looking for love or marriage. Most of them just thought they could change him, and they never could.

Until Judith.

Judith Weissman came back to Honduras from the US under a cloud, acquitted of kidnapping but with many questions remaining. She was beautiful and witty and compelling in a way Joao couldn’t even comprehend. He just knew he had to be with her, he had to.

That’s how she became Judith Weissman-Perdomo and he, within a few years, became an increasingly desperate ex-husband trying to lure her back. He couldn’t bear it that she’d left him, and even while his carefully nurtured business disintegrated around him (half because she callously offloaded assets she’d gotten in the divorce, half because he was ignoring it and he’d always been its driving force) he spent all his time in increasingly desperate pursuit. He could always find her, no matter how she tried to hide, and he could always get to her, no matter how hard she tried to keep him out.

In a brief moment of clarity (brought on by Jason Weeks's "Innocuous" syntergene) he realized that something was badly wrong with him and he flew to the US in pursuit of Abe Sykes. When Abe healed him, Joao realized what had happened to him, and when he’d explained it, Abe asked to go back with him.

Abe talked to Judith and asked her to stop using her powers of addiction. Unbeknownst to Abe, Joao also asked her to stop. Only Joao threatened to murder her.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Baines Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover - Judith Weissman
Power Level: Tier Five
Offspring: Christina Rodriguez and five others

Personality: A fierce, hard-charging, macho patrone.

Values: Constracted Agreements, Uprooting Manipulators

Known Powers

  • Joao can use Find to locate people and things.
  • He also has Invulnerability, Hyperendurance, and Hypersense to deal with his target once their found.
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