Jess Hardesty

Born with a walleye and a caul, Jess Hardesty grew up handling snakes, had a family bible full of spells and folk potions, and scared her fifth-grade teacher into passing her with the unspoken threat of “the evil eye.”

None of her family’s rich heritage of superstition did them a lick of good when a mining company decided to force them off their farm and strip mine it for tin. The Hardestys moved to the big city (in this case, Baton Rouge) and found work as laborers, construction workers, shelf stockers and, in Jess’ case, as a fortune teller.

Jess had a tattered deck of Tarot cards that had been her great-grandmother’s and more, she really believed everything she read in them. This was all fine until a tall black man back from Vietnam came into her parlor and said, “Just what has fate got planned for me? I been in the war, and I’ve seen and done and become things I just can’t figure around.”

That soldier was a Tier Six, in direct line of succession from General Andrew Colt. She told him he was in for a spell of bad luck until he worked off his spiritual debt, and to avoid crossing water. Two weeks later he was killed in a car crash when a tire blowout sent him through a guardrail into the Mississippi river.

Jess Hardesty’s days of terrifying accuracy had arrived.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Andrew Colt - Jason Blume - Jasper Carruthers - Jackson Kingford - Mason Dean
Power Level: Tier Seven
Offspring: Gina Tzanetakos, Ishmael Jackson, and two others (possibly Claudia Crosswine)

Personality: Mysterious, dramatic, serenely sullen and fatalistic. Happy to see the good rewarded and the cruel get dirty for dirty.

Values: Family, The South, Drama

Known Powers

  • Jess has the ability to Mark Someone With Destiny which can implant a seed of power in a target and shape their fate.
  • Once a target is marked, Jess can give them Good Omens or Ill Fortune. This is an involuntary power, however, and depends on her fortune-telling. Jess believes that the fate someone receives is out of her hands, she just foretells.
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