Jean Davis

The Disease

When a man’s promiscuous, it’s considered eminently natural. When a woman is, it must be because she’s damaged goods with low self-esteem and daddy issues. But, with sincere apologies to all the confident, self-aware, high-libido women out there, Jean Davis really is damaged goods with low self-esteem, and she defiantly acts out by sleeping around a lot. Or rather, she did in her twenties when she was a university student in Ontario.

One of her partners was a handsome young man named James Blaine who had, until two days before meeting Jean, been a homely middle aged man. He happened to be putting the cap back on the gas tank of his truck when “Model T” Ford walked up, slapped him, and drove off in Blaine’s vehicle. Blaine was completely unable to describe his attacker or, more frustrating still, his own truck. But when he woke up the next morning as a strapping six-foot Adonis, it salved the sting. He immediately set out for Ontario and started flirting with the first college cutie he could see. It was Jean.

Jean didn’t understand that she’d slept with a superhero. (Or supervillain. Or perhaps most accurately, super-manslut.) Her own powers were subtle and it took more than twelve months for her to wonder about one of her former flames, a friend-with-privileges named Craig Yucelo who’d moved away to Montreal. As she was idly contemplating him, she found herself sharing his thoughts. She blinked, and tried again. This time, she was looking through his eyes and feeling his sensations as he sat stuck in traffic. When she considered how nice it would be to hear from him, the idea stuck. He called her that night.

Jean had made herself Patient Zero for a sexually-transmitted psychic disease, and she’s the only one with access to the network of infected minds that spread, slowly, through Canada and the United States.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover - Tyler Ford - James Blaine
Power Level: Tier Six
Offspring: Edmund Moore, David Cowles, Evan Moore and two others

Personality: At first, reckless, defiant and self-centered. Later on, haughty, manipulative and self-centered.

Values: Feminism, Personal Aggrandizement

Known Powers

  • Jean is the genesis of a psychic disease called Sclarosis Maxilliae which spreads through fluid exchange, especially sexual contact.
  • Those infected by the disease are subject to Jean's ability to Read Minds and Plant a Notion.
  • She also has a Last-Ditch Escape which allows her to possess someone infected with Sclarosis Maxilliae.
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