Jason Weeks

The Answer Man

Jason never met a drug he didn’t like, right up to the point that he met Abe Sykes. Ironically, Jason wasn’t an addict. He’d smoked pot when it was available, but never missed it when it was gone. He’d had good experiences with both benzedrine and mescaline, and he believed that The Man was trying to keep folks off drugs with scare tactics because enlightenment would threaten the status quo.

So he decided he was going to blend science (in the form of LSD), tribal religion (represented by peyote) with some smooth hash and have himself an epiphany. It was working fine until he got hungry. He got in his car to go to the store, put it in drive instead of reverse, slammed into the front wall of his family garage, hit his head on the steering wheel and became too disoriented to realize he was in an enclosed space with a running car engine.

Abe was at the hospital when Jason was wheeled in. (Neighbors heard the car hit the wall, even though it wasn’t going fast.) The healing touch cleansed Jason of the drugs (and, more importantly, the carbon monoxide) but more, when the energy flooded into him, Jason was still seeking cosmic enlightenment and the answers to life’s biggest questions.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abraham Sykes
Power Level: Tier Two
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: Jason is the most mild, selfless, mellow and pleasant person you’re likely to encounter. There’s an old saying that to understand all is to forgive everything. That’s Jason in a nutshell. He wants to encourage benevolence, generosity and empathy throughout the world, but he’s not going to try and force anything. His theory of social and psychological engineering suggests that the more you force people and cultures to do anything, the stiffer the resistance and, in time, the harder the pendulum swings back. Because people (and, in the aggregate, societies) are bundles of contradictory impulses, he finds it easier to find the noblest and kindest currents (whether in an individual or an event) and try to make those the path of least resistance.

Values: The Good of Humanity, Knowledge, ID/EA, New ID/EA

Known Powers

  • Jason has Limited Omniscience which let's him answer any question, given enough time.
  • The power to answer any question functionally gives him Conditional Hyberbrains, Conditional Clairvoyance, and Conditional Gadgeteering to make his answers into reality.
  • Jason's omniscience also gives him Hyperdodge and Hyperempathy.
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