Jarvis West

The Complete Asshole

Broken home. Absent father. No money. Poor education. Abusive mom. Drug addict. Petty crook. Jarvis West’s personal history is pretty clear from these two-word phrases. There are no surprises here, he was just a person who got treated like garbage until he became garbage. He was getting ready to wind up his sad and worthless life with one word—“overdose”—when Abe Sykes happened along.

Jarvis could have taken his second chance as a wake-up call to turn his life around and not squander it. If he’d just been instantly healed of his addiction and saved from his OD, he might have. But Jarvis got empowered too. And when you give a whole lot of power to someone who’s never had any, it doesn’t always end well.

Jarvis West is a prick, he thinks he’s entitled to anything he can take because the world treated him so shabbily for so long, and now he’s ready for revenge. Also, he’s perpetually high.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abraham Sykes
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Trent Brownback, Paige Rampling, Esperanza Soto, Alyssa Veronne, and four others.

Personality: Utterly selfish, utterly arrogant, utterly cruel. Not too smart, either.

Values: The Boston Red Sox, Selfish Excess

Known Powers

  • Jarvis is able to Hurt People, making them feel whatever type of pain he wants.
  • He also has Mind Control to force people to follow his will. Among other uses, this makes him Untouchable to purposeful attacks.
  • Jarvis is also High All the Time which means he never has to sleep or pass out from pain or drugs. It's also probably a reason for his Hyperstability.
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