Janice King


Little Jan was a stubborn girl. Not the tantrum kind, but the sort who pouts and stomps her feet and then just digs in. If you tried to put her to bed when she wasn’t ready, you could expect some incredible displays of truculence.

As she aged, she got good grades and ran fast in track and was active in extra-curricular activities, but that stubborn streak stayed. In fact, it contributed. At the Colorado state track championships, she drove herself from third place to second in the hurdles, pushing the champion to a record-setting time. After the race, they both threw up, but only Janice actually collapsed.

In college, she encountered Simone de Beauvoir’s The Feminine Mystique and that was it. 1974 had her gratefully throwing out constricting undergarments, decrying injustice and stubbornly hating Phyllis Schlafly. In one of her marches supporting the ERA she got in the face of a counter-protester, a smug white male who, on top of it all, happened to be metahuman. When he couldn’t out-shout her, he grabbed her by her shoulders and flew up a hundred feet above the demonstration. Just as he was about to make some smart-alec comment, she gouged his eyes as hard as she could.

Screaming, he started to fall as she wrapped her legs tight around him, pointed his face towards the clouds and shouted, “Fly that way or we both die!”

He did as she said, and she piloted him like her personal hang glider until they set down on top of the campus rec center. She left him sobbing and terrified on the roof while she tried to decide if she’d just become a superheroine, or if she’d really always been one.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover - Tyler T. Ford - Brent Coleman - David Grossinger - Wanda Stross - LeighAnn May - Andrew “Kip” Kiplinger
Power Level: Tier Ten
Offspring: None

Personality: Calm, collected, matter-of-fact and infuriatingly sure of her self.

Values: The US, Fairness, Feminism

Known Powers

  • Janice has the ability to Power Through when she is low on Willipower to regain some. She also has a very large Base Will to start with. Note: The game designers admit that this power might be overdone and should not be freely available to PCs.
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