James W. Closterman

Wanted Man

Closterman was a cop and, if not a great one, at least a clever one. When he got arrested for taking bribes and for theft, he chose not to face the jury. He skipped town, was charged in absentia, and became a full-bore fugitive.

Closterman insists until his dying day that he was innocent and that he ran because he knew the fix was in. Regardless, the fact that it was a cop running away from the bond made everything a bit more intense for his pursuers. After all, he knew the techniques and tricks just as well as they did, and the longer he stayed free, the worse they looked.

Closterman wound up on the FBI’s Most Wanted list and he was one of the first fugitives J. Edgar Hoover scanned as his own powers were coming into their full bloom. As with Reddy March, Hoover’s insight made for close calls, but the new abilities he bestowed more than balanced things out.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Baines Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover
Power Level: Tier Four
Offspring: Quentin Tillson and six others.

Personality: Clever, alert, sardonic, but sympathetic to those who are down on their luck or unfairly persecuted. On the other hand, he still thinks most crooks are bozos and scumbags. He enjoys challenges.

Values: His Adoring Fans, His Own Reputation and Comfort

Known Powers

  • James has Telekinesis which he can use defensively to make a TK Shield.
  • He also is Immune to Mind Reading and Clairvoyance to thwart Hoover if he tries again.
  • James also has the ability to get around with Flight.
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