Jake Cutter

An undeveloped metahuman who didn't realize he had Hypercharm when he inadvertantly used it on Matilda Schwartzenhelm and gave her dark energy powers. The full extent of his powers and his history are left up to the GM. Because Matilda is listed as a Tier Ten, Jake must be a Tier Nine here. As noted elsewhere, Claudia Crosswine is possibly a typo in his lineage and Ishmael Jackson is really Jake's power father, but the full lineage is listed here as printed in the Progenitor sourcebook.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Andrew Colt - Jason Blume - Jasper Carruthers - Jackson Kingford - Mason Dean - Jess Hardesty - Ishmael Jackson - Claudia Crosswine
Power Level: Tier Nine
Offspring: Matilda Schwartzenhelm

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