Jack Grimes

A Man Who Matters

Smart, poor and not challenged at school, Jack Grimes grew up to be a cocky, cunning, self-interested hoodlum. He never took any particular pleasure in violence: He was willing to do it, but there were always others who really relished it.

A friend to mobsters, Jack never got made because he wasn’t Italian enough. He was, however, a friend to the local goons. As long as he gave them a cut and kept them in the loop, they were happy to extend their protection, with the understanding that they’d sacrifice him in a heartbeat to protect a real goodfella.

He found out about Amanda Sykes through a cousin on General Colt’s staff, a guy with some debts. Once convinced that Amanda, at least, was the real item, he decided to kidnap the daughter and test his hypothesis that a superhero could come up with a king’s ransom.

He did not realize, however, that Amy herself was empowered. He learned when she exploded, blasting him straight out of the getaway van and into Boston Harbor. Of the five men involved, he was one of two survivors. (The other was Alphonse “Zipperneck” Russo, p. 210.) He swam to shore and laid low. He didn’t know it at the time, but the harbor saved him from discovery at the hands of Abe Sykes’ molecular perceptions (see p. 173). No, he was picked up on an entirely unrelated outstanding robbery warrant, and then he turned his arresting officer (State Trooper Clarence Fredericks) into shit. Literally. The guy’s partner (Thomas Moley) drew a gun, which Grimes turned into cheese and then, with a grin, Jack turned the skin of the man’s face into water.

A little experimentation showed Grimes he could turn anything into anything—the shapes didn’t change, but (depending on density) the size might. With a lot of experimentation, he eventually found the upward limits on what he could reshape with a thought.

Jack Grimes’ upward limit is twelve million tons of matter.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Amy Sykes
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Leon Salvetti and seven others

Personality: A self-interested, cynical jerkwad. Preferring to do things as easily as possible, he soon discovers a craving for power. Not just power over matter, but power over people. Jack Grimes wants to be obeyed, respected, and feared—in that order.

Jack’s not an unalloyed bastard. If he sees someone who’s in a terrible situation through no fault of their own, he might intervene to help, as long as it didn’t require any sacrifice or great effort, and as long as the person he’s helping isn’t an enemy.

Known Powers

  • Jack has one power, Transform Dis to Dat which does exactly what you might think. It changes matter from one form to another, allowing Grimes to create food, gold, and other useful stuff.
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