International Disaster/Emergency Assistance

This group, founded by Abraham Sykes in the early 1970s as an international group of metahuman activists providing assistance worldwide. While the group struggles with coherence from the start, it remains a force of positive association for the Sykes family and metahumans in general. Eventually it falls apart but it leads to the establishment of New ID/EA in 1980.

The original roster for ID/EA is impressive: Cynthia Carls, Ngoc Vo, Boris Mizurski, and Steelsuit Dowd as well as, ocassionally, Jason Weeks, Lin Wen, and the Dream.

The group has an inauspicious start when it is first denied entry to Turkey when they are trying to help with an upcoming earthquake and then they are assaulted when they do enter after the event. They gain a reputation as an effective group, however, and work in several major conflict zones during the late 1970s only to dissolve in 1979 when Henry Dowd is killed in Cambodia while on a clandestine mission.

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