Ian Kraus

Radiant Justice

Ian’s parents were a nurse and a doctor, and he grew up with the expectation that he’d become a surgeon like his dad. That collective ambition took a detour in the jungles of Vietnam.

Ian volunteered to be a medic, leaving med school after his second year. Motivated primarily by patriotism, he wasn’t sure if he had what it took to kill, but he was quite confident he’d be more use to his country keeping its soldiers alive.

Ironically, it was one of those soldiers who kept him alive. When Ky Thientong attacked, Ian had no idea what to do. The shuddering buildings, the screams falling silent—it was too much. He’d been on duty for two days and hadn’t been able to sleep.

Lucky for Ian, and eventually many others, Sergeant Henry Dowd was on hand to grab him by the arm and shout, “Hump it for the bushes, go!” They were out of the range of the second blast and Ian joined the tiny number who could claim to have survived Sét.

He didn’t appreciate his luck at the time, though he understood he’d narrowly missed a deadly fate. Death continued to miss him when Vietcong scout units showed up to check over Thientong’s efforts. Three of the soldiers with him were able to elude the enemy and strike from hiding with deadly effect. Sergeant Dowd didn’t hide. He just ripped trees out of the ground and flung them at the enemy.

Ian? Ian didn’t even know what he was doing or that he was doing it. But troops who aimed at Ian found themselves terrified, curling up and whimpering, as Ian had done. When a sniper’s bullet tore through Dowd’s leg, that sniper’s own leg erupted with equal injury.

Ian had become the balancer of scales. Any injury done in his presence was turned back on the attacker. Any fear felt was copied and directed at the one who caused it.

Ian got out as quickly as he honorably could, he went back to med school and became a doctor, but by then he knew his power. He started out volunteering at a battered women’s shelter, but in time moved on to bigger and better things.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Ky Thientong
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: To a shocking degree, Ian is not that interested in himself. He has the basic self-regard that’s hard-wired into the human experience, and his teenage angst was exceptionally intense, but after that he seemed to get over himself. He could easily have turned into a snob, he could have developed a messiah complex, but he likes helping people and finds that doing something about other people’s suffering keeps any troubles from his own life in perspective.

Values: Justice, Helping the Blameless Needy

Known Powers

  • Ian can use Reflect Injury to transfer a wound from an ally to an enemy nearby.
  • He can also use his Hyperempathy and Reflect Terror to turn psychological attacks against his enemies.
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